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Jignasa Parikh

Voice of Jignasa Parikh


She stands at the door watching his delight that elates her immensely. She finally walks in the room and after careful observation chooses a mango.

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His mother went into the bedroom to get something and came running and screaming outside. He was surprised at his mother’s reactions and heard her telling something to his father.

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Spin The Wheel

A door to another world. A door to another experience. She opens the door and is no longer inside the four walls.

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The Hangover

She was angry with herself, her family for leaving her alone, people she worked with for not paying her enough and her friends and people she knew for just having better lives than her.

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A Birthday Wish

“Mamma can the virus be closed for one day and it can open again tomorrow. Tell me can we talk to virus to come after A’s birthday?” She did not have an answer.

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The Rabbit Hole

As she is an arm’s distance away from him, she realizes he cannot see her as there is no vision in his eyes. He is blind. But she is in Love.

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The Most Perfect Morning

The simplest and most routine moments can give us the most happiness, and are so very important to cherish.

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Remote Control Romance

Our fights tend to become part of our daily routine. We need to figure out a way to reconcile; the answer is usually very simple and obvious.

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A Birthday Ritual That Stayed With Me For Years

Sometimes the things we reject for things that we prefer, may end up becoming an important part of our lives, if we give them a chance.

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An Evening Of Songs, Memories And Goodbyes

Sometimes, a song can take us back in time and cause us to drown in our memories and the emotions they bring forth.

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