Remote Control Romance

Our fights tend to become part of our daily routine. We need to figure out a way to reconcile; the answer is usually very simple and obvious.

Our fights tend to become part of our daily routine. We need to figure out a way to reconcile; the answer is usually very simple and obvious.

It was day three of the lockdown and they had already formed a rhythm to this new lifestyle. After all, they had been married for seven years. The only thing that disrupted this rhythm was the remote control. They both liked watching television on their 42” screen. With the dozen apps downloaded on this smart device, they had a plethora of options to choose from. He would never be happy with her choice and she was never happy with his. This led to a discontent they carried to their bed, until the next morning came and everything again picked up the rhythm.

It was another morning where things were in action in the household. He stopped everything and took her arm and asked her to stop everything as well. She looked at him in wonder as he say, “Let’s just take a day off from the routine and do something different. I want to binge watch something on TV today”. She was not pleased at the idea but decided to indulge him.

He then said, “For the past one week we have been at loggerheads over what to watch. So, I have an idea. Do you remember the days when we did not have a Smart TV and we went down to the DVD rental guy and spent at least an hour choosing the movies we wanted to watch over the weekend?”. She nodded with a hint of smile on her face. He continued, “Let’s pretend these apps are the DVD rental shop and we can choose what we are going to watch together today”. She loved the idea and both dropped everything and sit down in front of their TV.

While surfing through this make believe DVD rental, they realised they had forgotten about their common love for thrillers. He started appreciating her suggestions and she his. They laughed at each other for some weird choices they’d make. They looked excited about something they both chose. And once they felt they had selected enough for the day, they started with their binge watching.

The night has descended now. The remote finds itself between the crevices of the sofa. And the two find themselves huddled under a blanket, licking the crumbs of a chocolate bar while they enjoy their last pick of the day.

Image Source- Canva

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