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The Most Perfect Morning

The simplest and most routine moments can give us the most happiness, and are so very important to cherish.

The simplest and most routine moments can give us the most happiness, and are so very important to cherish.

She lay next to him in the night, watching him sleep. The look on his face –  the calm, peace and beauty – made her forget the sufferings she had endured through the day, on his behest. Although her pain wreaked havoc on her muscles and bones, she used his peace and fell into a deep sleep.

The morning rays were just trying to make their way through the thick darkened curtains when he woke up. He sat up and watched her sleep. It comforted him. He watched her with love, for he loved her the most and knew that no one loved him more than she did. He moved a couple of strands of her hair off of her face. He ran his fingers through the patterns of flowers on the blanket they shared and started humming a song.

The soft hum woke her up and her lids slowly started to flutter open. A rush of excitement ran through his body as he knew she will soon be up. His soft hum became a little louder and she opened her sleepy eyes to meet his wide eyes.  A smile travelled from his heart to his mouth and into his eyes. He watched her with all the love that he had. That was the moment she knew that nothing in this world could beat the feeling of this morning. She captured it and stored it in her memory. She smiled back and gave him a long hug with a kiss on his nose.

He received the love quietly for a moment and then in a loud voice, he said in excitement, “It’s time to wake up Mamma. It’s morning. Will you play with me?”

Image Source- Unsplash 

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