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Writer. Artist. Dreamer...and a Coach. Hi, I am Lakshmi Priya, but I respond better to Ell.P. A leadership consultant/coach when the sun shines, and a writer/artist past midnight.

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Jasrin Singh
Jasrin Singh, Life Coach: Financial Stability And Humour Need To Be Core Values

We have been conditioned to feel that wanting money is bad. Money is evil etc. It is not. We need to have a loving respectful relationship with money.

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Why Is It So Rare For A Single Man To Marry A Divorced Woman? Coz She’s ‘Damaged Goods’, Of Course!

Indian society considers a married woman with children, complete; but a divorced, single, or widowed woman with children as ‘baggage’.

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single women in the pandemic
“I Felt Helpless, But Am Standing Strong” Share Single Women In The Pandemic

While the world seems to have gone crazy out there with COVID, here are stories of 4 single women in the pandemic who're not giving up.

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single mom in quarantine
As A Single Mom Under Lockdown, The Men In My Life Left Me Sorely Disappointed!

And the most satisfying thing I did was to tell the men who dared to remotely instruct me on how to live in this new world of quarantine, to shove their fake concern up where the sun doesn’t shine.

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We Were Only 11, BFF, But Her Chachu’s Strange New Game Felt All Wrong!

It felt wrong, the game felt wrong. As wrong as stealing from Daddy. Perhaps worse than that. But Nidhi was doing it, what excuse did I have not to do it.

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An Open Letter To Men Who Use Linkedin For Hitting On Women

How is it okay to call a woman with a random excuse because she has given out a number for business requirement? How is it that she becomes a bitch if she tells you upfront that she doesn’t appreciate calls from a stranger?

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Atheist woman
If I’m An Atheist WOMAN in India, How Will I Do Those ‘Religious Things’ I’m Supposed To?

To be an atheist in a country so invested in religion is bad enough. To be an atheist woman is beyond belief. Because women only have to do all religious things, na?

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Sex In The Land Of Sanskaar May Need Booking A Hotel Room With Your Partner

Sex is acceptable to our 'sanskaari' minds only inside a marriage, even if it is marital rape. Where, then, do consenting, new age couples go to find some private time and space?

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My Mom Told Me, “First Stand On Your Own Feet, And Only Then Think Of Marriage”

With three aunts who were homemakers and had faced all kinds of domestic violence, Ell P was always told to first begin earning enough to support herself, and only then think of marriage.

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sex positive
No Such Thing As A Slut – Just A Woman Who’s Truly Positive About Sex!

What is sex positivity? How does being sex positive affect your words, attitude, body language, and relationships? Our author Ell P gives you a quick primer.

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Shaking Things Up A Bit Is More Fun Now Than Ever Before!

Whether it’s the famous ‘Indian head shake’ or the Bengaluru potholes that have your insides quaking, here’s an ode to shaking!

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When I Dated A Writer Because He Wrote Passionate Erotica, This Is What Happened!

I had been depraved of a good romp in bed for so long that lately my bidet was my favourite gadget at home. But that didn’t mean I was into one-night stands or friends with benefits. The other day I went on a date with a writer, you know, because I am a writer, and […]

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women horror novelists
20 Women Horror Writers Who Can Keep You Awake All Night. How Many Have You Read?

Women are supposed to write of nice 'womanly' things, aren't they? Here are a few women horror writers whose bone-chilling books will give you the heebie-jeebies.

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cyber sexy
What Role Does Porn Play In The Lives Of Ordinary Indian Women?

Author Richa Kaul Padte's debut book Cyber Sexy: Rethinking Pornography is an astonishing and touching look at Indian women engaging with porn.

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Gymming Is An Expensive Affair, Yo! But I Kept At It

A hilarious look at the struggles and triumphs of a woman who finally turned to gymming after the weight put on in a lifetime led her to further health issues.

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Touch the Sky
Rashmi Bansal Wows Us With Ziddi, Besharam, And Bindaas Women That Touch The Sky

There are 'unsung heroes' in Rashmi Bansal's new book Touch the Sky, heroes that are not male by default, but women who have written their own destinies.

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When Middle-aged Men Serenade Middle-aged Women

I apologise if I have misled you by this title; if I have made you think you will be beguiled by a story of two middle-aged, hopeless romantics finding love.

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The Fear And The Fury…

You tiptoe to the door of your room, careful not to make any sound. The sound of gagging that you had heard a minute ago is gone now and the house has again descended in ominous silence.

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Why Does India Rank 3rd Lowest For Women In Leadership Roles For The 3rd Consecutive Year?

India ranks third lowest in having women in leadership roles for the third consecutive year; shouldn't this be cause for alarm?

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my husband's mistress
My Husband’s Mistress [#ShortStory]

But then again, I would have no reason to constantly criticize my husband’s mistress, if only she had been content ensnaring her tentacles around just my husband.

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sahib and the widow
Sahib And The Widow [ShortStory]

“Then give me what I need, Saritha.” He spoke, a rueful smile already lining his lips, his confidence along with his desire reared, knowing that the outcome would be exactly what he wanted it to be.

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“Life Begins At 40”, They Said… But ‘They’ Might Just Be Wrong! Sniff! Sob!!

40s are the new 30s, it is said, and life begins at 40. Really? A satirical take on a personal struggle in the 40s by the author, almost bordering on black humour.

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big O
Women And The Big “O” [#ShortStory]

“I don’t know, maybe once in two or three weeks. We have very busy schedules.” I answer, as if that was explanation enough to cover up the lack of sex in my own life.

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happy divorce
The Truth Behind ‘Happy Divorces’ Is Why Divorced Moms In India Seldom Remarry

Happy divorce. Paradoxical? Idiotic, too, as I realized after an eye-opening conversation with a male colleague who claimed to have had one.

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I'd rather be home with my dog
I’d Rather Be Home With My Dog… [#ShortStory]

“Oh, I am sorry, but my weekends are crazy, I spend my whole Saturdays at the Write Club you see.” I say, pretending to be prissier than I actually am.

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daddy's little girl
Daddy’s Little Girl [#ShortStory]

As a woman, you take the beating, crying softly in a corner, as a man you will resort to using your hands to express yourself.

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super nanny
How Rama Aunty Became Super Nanny! [#ShortStory]

"Then she did what no other nanny would do, even for a million rupees salary. She pursed her lips tight and nodded to herself, like she had made up her mind."

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needing a break
Newsflash! Women Need A Break Too …!

Everyone needs a break once in a while. But how many people recognize women's right to needing a break from everyday life too?

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How My Breast Cancer Survivor Maa And I Fought Against This Deadly Disease With Medicines And Humour

My Maa is a proud breast cancer survivor, who put up a mighty fight against this deadly disease despite all that medical knowledge predicted.

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One summer afternoon
One Summer Afternoon…When I Last Saw Her [#ShortStory]

"The draft of cool air that hit me from the open door was nothing short of heaven, and my resolve to listen to Mama’s warning kept slipping further and further."

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Hard Candy For Diwali [#ShortStory]

"After decades I felt avenged and I thanked God to have made my little girl brave, braver than me at least." A hard hitting short story.

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life after a divorce
The Family Outing – Of Divorces And Second Wives [#ShortStory]

Divorces are never easy. Life after a divorce, for the first few years at least, is like being left in a dark maze without a flashlight.

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The Date – When You Are 35+, Divorced And On Tinder [#ShortStory]

"I have already made up my mind about him. The decision was simple, made the minute I saw him. But he doesn’t need to know that now, does he?" A short story.

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So Who Thinks That Being A Mother Is A Wonderful Thing? Let Me Break Your Bubble

So, NO, says this writer, in a funny take on motherhood, that being a mother is not all sweetness and light as the glossy ads would have you believe!

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When Women Drive Big Cars…

I am a woman driving a big car, and the kind of misogyny I face, not only on roads, but also from my family, makes me very angry!

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Don’t Tell Me To CALM DOWN. Angry Women Are Angry For A Reason

Angry women seem to scare everyone, even when we clearly have a reason to be extremely angry. Stop telling women who face harassment to “CALM DOWN.” Saturday nights, usually for me are a way to get together with friends and unwind. After a merciless week, and gruelling writing sessions, I really do look forward to […]

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