Shaking Things Up A Bit Is More Fun Now Than Ever Before!

Whether it’s the famous ‘Indian head shake’ or the Bengaluru potholes that have your insides quaking, here’s an ode to shaking!

Whether it’s the famous ‘Indian head shake’ or the Bengaluru potholes that have your insides quaking, here’s an ode to shaking!

The other day, as I walked across the Trinity station metro, I heard a Japanese family ask a couple, if the train there took them to ‘Indeera Nagah’. Both of them smiled in synchronization and bobbed their head left and right.

The confused man asked again, “Do thees train go to Indeera Nagah?” Again the couple bobbed their head left and right in the Indian headshake, their smiles now lopsided. They were probably wondering why shaking one’s head like a Bharatnatyam dancer was so confusing to the poor foreigner.

I mean this was one of those incidents where you had to be there to find it funny, but it sure got me thinking about our shaky disposition.

A few years ago, when going to a certain ‘health spa’ meant making a fashion statement, I fell into the pool of countless women who would go there for tummy tucks.

I got to the center where a primly dressed girl led me to a room that looked like a neater jail cell, with beds on both sides. Once my t-shirt was pulled up, she grimaced at the size of my tummy, but that’s not the point I am trying to make here.

I was hooked up to one of those alien looking machines, and everything was all right, you know; silent, unmoving, peaceful and then she pushed a button that shook my tummy at 6.8 on the Richter scale.

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Well, of course I was about to press the emergency button and tell them to unhook me, until I remembered how it felt to ride my rickety scooter on these pothole-ridden roads. Who needs tummy tucks when we have roads that shake us enough for a jolly good workout?

Let’s see – all the shaking we do all day long, right from shaking your toothbrush to shaking (err…rocking) your baby to sleep.

Or the incessant shaking of legs, especially in long office meetings. In fact I had subconsciously trained my colleagues into kicking my legs from under the table the minute our meeting exceeded a fifteen-minute mark.

Now you must be wondering, why is this loony woman talking so much about shaking? Should we shake some sense into her? You see; shaking is not in vain.

Definitely not when shaking could win you loads of prizes and do your grocery shopping, sitting… nope, shaking at home. Go ahead and get the Avenue11 app on your smart phone, and shake your booty while you do it (or should we say twerk it?)

Trust me, I am not joking here. This app has motion sensors attached to it, they’ll know when you shake and simply add it up for your rewards! The prizes on offer include Avenue11 coupons, Wrogn vouchers, Snap Fitness vouchers, gold coins, Google Home, and even an Activa 5G.

Avenue11 is a new eGrocery platform that lets you shop easily all across Bangalore, both on the website and the app. ‘Shop Smart’ is the new mantra with this new grocery app that is rewarding you with exciting prizes for shaking! So, this new app is not just about grocery shopping but also an opportunity to win exciting prizes everyday, simply by shaking things up a little!

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead, make shaking great again.

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