Drishti Shastri

A Marketer by the day and a Writer by the night. Books, music, beaches, and french fries make her happy. A hardcore feminist and a hopeless romantic, trying to maneuver her way through the 21st century, somehow. Also, kinda obsessed with the work of Charles Bukowski.

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5 Problems Every Fresher Faces At Work For The First Time
5 Problems Every Fresher Faces At Work For The First Time

The myth is that college prepare us for the real world, and the corporate world too. 5 Problems every fresher faces at work: you cannot understand how the corporate world functions until you've been here!

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11 Sexist Questions Young Women Face All The Time, Now With Kickass Answers!

It's a no brainer - being a young woman in a society as misogynist as ours, we face many sexist questions / remarks. Time to gear up to answer them in their own coin!

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Do You Listen To Your Intuitions?

The author talks about the significance of an intuitive mind and stresses that it is good to listen to your gut feeling.

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Enough! As Women, We Need To Talk About The Toxic, Dark Side Of Empathy Too!

It is not the responsibility of the world's empaths to take upon themselves the sorrows of everyone. Their hearts need to be safeguarded from the dark side of empathy.

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The Diary of a North Indian, Who Loves South India

The author, a North-Indian expresses her love for South India and is happy that she did not get swayed by the preconceived notions which people have about the Southern states.

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“I Will Get Married When I Want To” – An Open Letter To Those Who Have A Problem With It

Indeed! I am a 20-something millennial who is ranting about marriage, but who isn’t? This open letter goes out to all those impatient folks who are constantly advising me to 'get settled'. 

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Why Reading Self-Help Books Is A Total Waste Of Your Time!

Here's a 'secret': If a self-help book makes you think it has a magic pill for success, approach it with extreme caution!

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“You Need To Snap Out Of It” & 25 Other Things Said To Those With Mental Illness

Mental illness is a huge problem, with globally more than 300 million suffering from depression alone. Yet so many of us choose to believe it is all a sham.

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