5 Problems Every Fresher Faces At Work For The First Time

The myth is that college prepare us for the real world, and the corporate world too. 5 Problems every fresher faces at work: you cannot understand how the corporate world functions until you've been here!

5 Problems Every Fresher Faces At Work For The First Time

The myth is that school and college prepare us for the real world, and the corporate world too. Take it from a fresher – you cannot understand how the corporate world functions until you’ve been here. The pressure, the deadlines, the hypocrisy, the politics, the appraisals, and the list goes on.

If you’ve done an internship with a real corporate, it might help, to be honest. What we are taught in college practically does not have a lot of implication in the real world, nor does it train you to be the best fresher-employee ever!

What are the problems every fresher faces at work for the first time?

Mark my words when I say this, your world would turn upside down, the moment you join your first job ever, irrespective of your field of interest. Some things are never told to us and I don’t understand why! Well, there’s no point having prolonged discussions on the problem; instead, let’s just jump to the solutions.

Here are 5 problems and their solutions that you have to know if you’re a fresher and about to join your first job!

Lack of proper training

The sooner you accept this fact, the better it’d be for you – you will not get the actual training you need in order to perform the task assigned to you – no matter where you’re working.

Nothing has turned out to be clearer in the present work environment than the absence of new worker training. A few organizations just toss new workers into the deep end, compelling them to learn everything through experimentation. Others give formal training, but in the wrong way.

Formal preparation is an unquestionable requirement. Successful preparing must clearly relate to the worker’s expected set of responsibilities. It should address how a representative can best achieve position goals and finish supporting exercises.

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Solution – Do not think that the end of your graduation was the end of studying. You now need to study even more, in order to enhance your skills according to your projects’ requirements. Read. Study. Update. YOU will have to figure out a way to learn and train yourself according to the needs of your job.

Ask a colleague or a senior or there’s always the internet you can go to, for help!

Inadequate job performance reviews

Your boss wouldn’t know half of the shit you’ve worked your ass off on and yet, s/he’d be entitled to fill in reviews for you. Unfair? Well, welcome to the corporate world, this is just the beginning. Also, they are just filling in those reviews because they need too, let’s be real here.

A fruitful execution audit closes with mutual agreement between the person and their manager, and with a mutually outlined arrangement of execution goals going ahead.

Solution – If you have a good rapport with your boss, it’ll certainly help. It’ll help more than you’d realize. Try maintaining that, because no matter what you do, the management will ultimately read the reviews your boss wrote for you and assess you.

Lack of two-way communication

Your boss would mostly be busy and since you’re a newbie, half of the people wouldn’t know you or take you and your work seriously. A lot of times, you’d want to discuss a lot of things with your boss, for which s/he wouldn’t ‘have time’; this might end up creating a lot of misunderstandings and pile them up in the wrong run. This in turn can lead to slowing your growth.

Solution – Make sure you somehow figure out a way to talk to your boss and convey your ideas. If verbal communication is not possible, don’t hesitate to write them an email. But beware, don’t drop in emails every fortnight regarding every petty thing and don’t call them up unnecessarily.

Long office hours

As a fresher, you are not used to sitting and working for straight 8/9/10 hours. The habit cannot be inculcated overnight, nor can you skip those ‘extra’ hours of work. Then what do you do?

Solution – Have patience. You’ll eventually get used to the long hours and work schedule. If you feel you’re done for the day and can’t put in more, take a break. Read something not related to work. Go out for a walk on campus. Talk to a friend.

Do something unrelated to work for 20–30 minutes, and you’d feel much more active now when you return to work.

Lack of community events

Unlike college or school, there wouldn’t be a lot of regular group or cultural activities on the office premises. Let’s be honest, there is not a lot of time for these.

But still, if you feel there should be something fun or de-stressing happening in the office on a regular basis, that would encourage employees to come in with more enthusiasm to the office, how do you do it?

Solution – Plan such an activity – a yoga session, a short trip, a cricket session, or anything of the sort and talk to your manager about it. Give him/her strong reasons for letting you take this initiative, and, I’m sure, you’d be given the permission to do so.

That’s all, mates. Did you know these problems every fresher faces are not the only ones, there are many more! If you’ve faced more problems, let me know them in the comments below.

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