Enough! As Women, We Need To Talk About The Toxic, Dark Side Of Empathy Too!

It is not the responsibility of the world's empaths to take upon themselves the sorrows of everyone. Their hearts need to be safeguarded from the dark side of empathy.


It is not the responsibility of the world’s empaths to take upon themselves the sorrows of everyone. Their hearts need to be safeguarded from the dark side of empathy.

Compassion or Empathy as we know it, is simply the ability to have the capacity to place oneself into someone else’s shoes and comprehend their considerations and sentiments.

Who’s an empath?

An empath is a person who can relate to other individuals on a wide range of levels, so they can precisely feel their emotions. It’s not yet understood how a few people possess these traits, but a wide majority of people believe it’s passed on genetically. The world is believed to resonate to an electrical energy and empaths are able to sense any changes that occur in these electrical energy.

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Being an empath is a natural gift, there’s no two way about it. But if you think empaths are lucky, wait and hold your thoughts right there.

The dark side

The general belief is that empaths are compassionate, soft hearted and probably the most understanding humans out of the lot, something women are often considered too. But there also is a dark side to empathy, which no one talks about!

Frankly speaking, only the empaths can understand the pain that originates from having this unexplainable ‘blessing’. A torment and misery that is one of a kind to the individuals who feel each vibration of vitality around them as though a million fingers were pulling the strings of their spirit. These are the individuals others frequently swing to when they have to vent out and let go of the weights on their minds, and, for this, they are viewed as grounded, dependable characters who appear to adapt so well to the unrest that is often enthusiastically pushed onto them.


Little do these individuals realize that, within them there can be a furious war of different sentiments, all tangled together to frame an unlimited and endless clamour that they battle to quiet. Sometimes it is overwhelming to the point that it feels almost as if something is tightening around their neck; a weight so extraordinary that it takes each ounce of their willpower not to choke.

Tragically, it’s the negative vitality that empaths feel the most, and it’s just exacerbated by the world they see around them. Empaths are flooded with an enormous amount of data that they need to manage. This can make them feel overpowered, and to a great degree depleted as they attempt to understand everything.

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Not their responsibility

Society simply wasn’t intended for individuals like these. It’s way beyond serendipitous, to have them amongst us, in such a cruel and selfish world. And we’re sorry about it.

But empaths ought to understand that the issues of the world are not theirs to unravel. To keep this side of compassion from assuming control over their life, they don’t need to offer themselves to each and every individual they meet. They also need to shield themselves from many of those who can be toxic.

Let’s all make this world a better place to live in for empaths because we’re very lucky to have them with us.

Image source: By Nicolas M. PerraultOwn work, CC0, Link

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