Do You Listen To Your Intuitions?

The author talks about the significance of an intuitive mind and stresses that it is good to listen to your gut feeling.

The author talks about the significance of an intuitive mind and stresses that it is good to listen to your gut feeling.

We’re often told, to go with our gut feeling, when making an important decision. We are told to listen to the first thing that comes to our mind while choosing from a bunch of options. But, have you ever thought why? What is it about our gut feeling or our intuition, that makes it so powerful, so as to be followed diligently?

Well, to start off, we first need to understand what is intuition? It is the coordinate view of truth, certainty, and so forth, which is autonomous of any thinking procedure. According to scientists and researchers our brain has two operating systems. Let’s just call them System 1 and System 2. While System 1 is our brisk, instinctual, and regularly intuitive method for working – it is controlled by our correct cerebrum and by different parts of our mind that are known as the “limbic” and “reptilian” parts of our brain. System 2 is our slower, more explanatory, and cognizant method for working – it is controlled by our left cerebrum and by more up to date parts of our mind.

So, why should we believe in our instinct? Analysts have discovered that System 1 frequently knows the correct answer, even before System 2 does.

Different examinations have discovered that, with regard to settling on significant life choices, for example, which house to purchase or which individual to wed, believing your instinct prompts preferable results over believing your legitimate, thinking brain. In one such investigation auto purchasers who had a lot of time to pour over the majority of the data about their different auto decisions were later observed to be happy with their buy just 25% of the time.  Meanwhile, those purchasers who made a fast, instinctive choice about their auto buy were observed to be happy with their buy 60% of the time.

While the degree of intuitiveness varies from person to person, people who are highly intuitive, do things in a different manner than the less intuitive ones. For instance, they very practically let go of strong negative emotions, and researches have shown that being in a positive mood helps enhance intuitive decision making.

Moreover, we all get hints and warnings from our heart and intuition, but we’re usually pretty busy to give them any heed. Intuitive people do not make this mistake and take intuitions seriously.

Dreams are nothing but, a passage of information, passed on to you from your unconscious or intuitive part of brain. If you’re in sync with your dreams, they would give you information in order to lead a good life. 

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Intuitive people are way more attentive towards their bodies and listen to them carefully. At times you begin to feel wiped out to your stomach and you know something isn’t right, yet you cannot put your finger on what it is.You comprehend that instincts can cause a physical sensation in the body. Our hunches are called premonitions for a reason.

So, just in case you were wondering how can you get closer to listening to your intuitions, these are a few things you should start following. Start observing things closely, practice solitude and enhance creative thinking, practice mindfulness and always, always listen to your inner voice and bodies.

Have you had close encounters with your inner voice or gut feelings? 

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