11 Sexist Questions Young Women Face All The Time, Now With Kickass Answers!

It's a no brainer - being a young woman in a society as misogynist as ours, we face many sexist questions / remarks. Time to gear up to answer them in their own coin!

It’s a no brainer – being a young woman in a society as misogynist as ours, we face many sexist questions / remarks. Time to gear up to answer them in their own coin!

Regardless of where you were born or where you grew up, in the event that you are a young lady chances are you’ve faced with casual sexist comments or even some bad-to-the-bone sexual remarks.

It doesn’t make a difference what the place was; work, home, school, college, market, movie theater, eatery or some other damn place on the planet, women have to face and confront sexism all the time. A considerable number of us simply let go of the comments and remarks, since this is what is to be expected from most people, and their attitudes can’t be changed!

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Be that as it may, guess what? F*** that poo. Just because you are a woman doesn’t mean you need to take the sexist bologna tossed at you. Evade it and toss it back, with some additional salt and pepper to enhance the taste.

Let me just give you a slight look into what sort of questions and remarks are thrown at us and oh! I’ll mention some legit kickass replies (mine) to those questions too. So next time, if the following sexist questions or remarks are directed towards you, these are what your replies should be:

You sure you can drive? I’m the only kid of my parents, I’d like to reach back home alive!

Answer – So get the f*** out of my car!

Why are you wearing so much makeup? Kisko impress karna hai haan?

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Answer – Unlike you, I do things for myself and not to impress others!

You should be drinking more responsibly, you’re a girl!

Answer – And you should be speaking less for a guy with no brains!

Why are you being so loud? Shouldn’t you speak softly like a girl?

Answer – Acchha? I didn’t know girls were born with a manual of ‘things to do and how’!

You are not a man, don’t go out so late, alone!

Answer – Exactly! I’m not a man, I won’t rape anyone.

You play sports, follow cricket, and go to the gym? WTF?

Answer – Have you watched ‘Dangal’, you moron? Also, are these things gender specific? My school didn’t tell me so!

Dress like a girl, sometimes! Why are you being such a dude?

Answer – Because someone needs to fulfill the role of a ‘man’ here and you clearly aren’t capable enough.

Why’d you chop off your hair? Girls look more feminine with longer hair!

Answer – Okay, so, what else is more feminine? A nose ring? Bigger breasts? Hourglass figure? No, no, go ahead, give me the list!

You know, the clock is ticking? When will you have kids?

Answer- Why should I? Only to bring them into a sexist world like this, with people like you around? I’d pass.

Padhai likhai to hoti rahegi, shaadi kab kar rahi ho beta?

Answer- Haan, haan. Shaadi is the ultimate definition of being ‘settled’ in life because fuck ambitions and dreams and passions! Right, aunty?

Can I speak with the ‘man of the house’?

Answer- And who precisely gave him that honor?

I’m sure, there are going to be tons more of sexual questions and remarks that could be potentially brought to you, so, if you don’t have an answer or can’t think of one immediately, just ask the person to ‘fuck off’ and ‘mind their own business’.

That’s all mates. Girls, do let us know what sexist remarks you come across in the comments section below, and help the sisterhood!

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