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Are You A Woman With Opinions? You Will Relate To This Post! #WomenOnTheMove

Posted: August 29, 2016

A woman with opinions is often tagged as ‘bossy’. Will this ever change? Read what readers had to say on the #WomenOnTheMove chat.

I am a woman. And I am opinionated. I am not opinionated because I want to be rude or bossy. I am opinionated because not only I have the right to have an opinion but also I have the right to share that opinion. There is nothing wrong with that. Because everyone has that right. And sorry to break your shell but ‘Silence’ is not a woman’s best friend!

Earlier this week, we had our weekly #Womenonthemove chat over at Twitter, and this is what we discussed.

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The battle of the sexes

I have a voice, hear me; I am a human, see me

Should women do the talking for bringing in perception change?

Women themselves have a role to play; to support their sorority

Is there another way to bring in perception change?

Change! Do we see it coming?

Personally, I feel that a perception change can only be brought in if we can manage to raise a generation of girls who are unafraid of the judgments their sharing of opinions will bring; and a generation of boys who don’t think that their existence is endangered & jeopardised because girls have refused to take things lying down. Moreover, we as parents & as society need to support our girls who stand up and speak out. Because opinions are okay. And girls with opinions are okay.

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