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And Then She Rose Up Against The Abuse, Silent No More

She was beaten, battered, abused. Since childhood. But they had not accounted for her ability to rise above that. 

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Make A Resume That Gets You Hired, With These Comprehensive Tips And Free Templates

Make a resume that catchers recruiters' attention. These powerful modifications can make your resume relevant as well as impressive.

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And As I Calmly Cleaned The Dishes, I Felt My Soul Cleansing Itself Too!

During the lockdown, as I did the dishes a deep sense of peace enveloped me. The clean dishes and cleaning them left me feeling extremely satisfied.

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Revel In Your Rage With These 6 Tips Each Time You’re Angry!

If you've heard 'good girls' never get angry, you probably smiled through a lot of situations. But it's time you owned your anger and this is how you do it!

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Comma, Only A Temporary Pause

The world is a dark place for many of us and sometimes, when there is no hope, it may be all the more difficult for us to protect our loved ones. 

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The New Chapter

It is important for us to remind ourselves that we are the authors of our own narratives. We need to take charge and take control of our lives.

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The Mistress Of The Mind

The journey of a woman from bondage to liberation once she makes up her mind to set herself free.

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