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Revel In Your Rage With These 6 Tips Each Time You’re Angry!

Posted: June 4, 2020

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If you’ve heard ‘good girls’ never get angry, you probably smiled through a lot of situations. But it’s time you owned your anger and this is how you do it!

If you’re like me, it’s likely you suffered from the ‘good girl syndrome’ and didn’t like the idea of being angry. I have always been the sweet girl who chose to smile through anger or simply not react.

And I would get extremely uncomfortable because, in my naïve head, anger was a bad emotion that shouldn’t be expressed. Well, it is not a beautiful emotion like love. But the important thing is we work around it, rather than run away from it. We are humans and it’s only normal for us to go through the entire spectrum of emotions.

Be real, give yourself the permission to be angry and after that choose how you wish you deal with it. Bottling it up will only lead to dangerous repercussions in the future. It could cause issues to your body or one day, you might erupt like a violent volcano at the least expected moment.


And thus, here are my 6 tips on how to deal with anger!


Go speak to the person who you believe is the cause of the anger and sort it out. Simple.

You need not speak when you are angry. Maybe postpone it a little so a healthy discussion is possible. And you don’t say angry things.

Work it out

A good round of exercise, sweat it out, cool down. Go for run, pound at the punching bag, do an intense work out. It will help you release your anger like nothing else!

Hit a pillow

Hit a pillow to release the pent up anger (goes without saying it should be a good quality one that does not ruin your sleep after your activity!)

Punch it out

Use a punching bag if you have one (saves the person your devil mind intended to punch). And helps you release all that pent up anger you had in you.

Scream out loud

If you aren’t the kind to punch or hit things, this one is for you. Go to a room, lock yourself in there and scream! But if you think that might not be your style, cover your face with a pillow and scream into it.


Write what makes you angry, pour it out, then ceremoniously burn the paper. Or take inspiration from Geet of Jab We Met and flush it down the toilet

To decide which one will work, try and get a feel of how angry you are. Your body is your oh-so-wonderful GPS. It will help create your own anger scale. The idea is to respect the feeling, and forgive yourself for feeling it, work on getting it out and then choosing a new happy feeling!

So you pretty woman, deal with your rage in style. You are still lovely if you choose to be bittersweet, once in a while!

Picture credits: Still from Bollywood movie Gully Boy 

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