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And As I Calmly Cleaned The Dishes, I Felt My Soul Cleansing Itself Too!

Posted: July 20, 2020

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During the lockdown, as I did the dishes a deep sense of peace enveloped me. The clean dishes and cleaning them left me feeling extremely satisfied.

The help is now becoming more popular because of her absence. Doing the bartans, pocha and jhadu has become part of the daily exercise regime. Vim bar and Lizol have become my best friends (No, they didn’t pay me for this promotion. Although in tough times like these I wouldn’t mind some monies for the marketing)

Yes, we miss the help!

But back to the point, so one morning as I did the dishes a deep sense of peace enveloped me. The clean dishes and the experience of cleaning them had left me feeling extremely satisfied.

The cleaning almost felt meditative!

What was more interesting was that in the period that I did the dishes, I was so engrossed in the activity, it almost felt like meditation. There was no mind chatter, just a quiet within.

I have been reading the Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. And as if perfectly timed, I land up on the page that reads this ‘They discovered that the purification of the metals, had led to a purification of themselves.’

My mind took me back to memories of my girlfriends often saying “Cleaning is so therapeutic” or “I set my wardrobe, it feels so good!” I have had my personal moments of cleaning bliss too. And I’m sure, as the cleaning maniacs of the family a lot of you will agree with it.

Aren’t we also cleaning the house that our resides in?

We sure know by now that the earth is going through her healing process. As part of her, we are all going through it too. We have to do this for ourselves, and we can’t hire someone to do the internal cleaning. Neither can we shun that responsibility. From our internal vessels, we have to wash off the greasy negative thoughts, the regressive pattern marks and the stains of low self-worth.

As the world outside cleans itself, we are cleaning the world within. We are cleaning the house our body resides in at the same time, we are cleaning the house the soul resides in.

So ladies, even though on some days you want to bang the bartans, choose to wash them. The deep rooted dirt is being washed off and we are all finally coming clean!

Picture credits: YouTube

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