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Be A Little Dramatic And Fun During The Lockdown And Change Your Hair Colour At Home!

During the lockdown, changing your hair colour at home can be a totally dramatic move to make! It's cheaper than salons and quite easy and fun too! 

During the lockdown, changing your hair colour at home can be a totally dramatic move to make! It’s cheaper than salons and quite easy and fun too! 

In the chaos of our regular lives, asserting control and agency is sometimes essential. Regardless of age, colouring your hair at home is a wonderful medium of self-expression and individuality.

Changing your hair colour at home can also be a wonderful bonding opportunity with friends and roommates during hectic times. Or it can even be a great way to signify a dramatic life-changing event or state of mind. Be it platinum blonde, burgundy or coral copper or pastel, often, our outward appearances can be a representation of our innermost feelings and emotions. 

So if you’re bored of your regular hair colour or just need a dramatic change in life, here’s how you colour your hair at home!

Find the perfect colour

Before you begin, it is important to pick the perfect colour not only of your taste and preference, but also your hair type, texture and colour. If you are a first-timer, it would be great to try out semi-permanent or temporary dye.

Having experimented with hair colour before, I soon realised how darker hair, typically Indian and Asian hair often does not catch hair colour and dye as easily. For me personally, instead of chestnut-caramel brown, some strands of my hair appeared almost dark orange and auburn in colour when I tried to colour my hair at home. 

It is impossible to dye your hair too many shades lighter, say from black or dark brown to blonde. You can check out this helpful piece from Vogue India if you still want to make a major hair transformation from the comfort of your own room. In order to confirm that your dye works and is the perfect match for you, attempt a patch or strand test. 

Why not change your hair colour at home!

Experimenting and changing your hair colour at home can definitely be quite a challenge, but it does not have to be so stressful. If you are doing it with friends, try to set the mood and make it a girl’s night if you can.

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A friend of mine told me how she loves to watch rom-coms with her roommates when her flatmates decide to change their hair colour at home. However, even if you are alone, you can make it the perfect opportunity for a pamper night. Do your nails and a DIY facial while you wait for the dye to take effect. 

Attention to detail

First, be sure to ensure that you have sufficient amount of box dye. If your hair is long, try buying two boxes so that you don’t run out. Before you start,  ensure that you read the back of the box dye and keep your eye out on any instructions that may be specific to the brand, especially duration, technique and other precautions. 

Try and get as organised as possible, by laying out all that you need on a table with mirror in front of you. In order to avoid a big mess and a heavy clean up, it is recommended that you use an old t-shirt or towel so you don’t get too much of the dye on yourself.

Make sure that you use old newspapers to cover any surfaces you may be using to colour your hair at home. Ensure that you wear gloves so that you don’t get too much of the dye on your hands as well. 

It would be best to apply either petroleum jelly or lotion along your hairline at the beginning of your dye job. Mix the dye into the bottle that is usually provided in the kit and combine it with the developer.

Be sure to separate your hair into smaller sections before spreading the dye. Try to start at the roots and use an old toothbrush or comb in order to apply it more evenly.

Once you are done, put a shower cap on and switch on the timer for the duration mentioned on the box. Rinse with warm after once the time is up. At this particular stage, it would be best to avoid shampoo and focus on washing out the colour instead. 

Check out this video to go through the steps in detail! 

Hair colour at home doesn’t mean it doesn’t need care!

When I dyed my hair for the first time, I wondered if there were any specific treatments and tips for colour treated hair. If you are interested in the upkeep of colour treated hair, particularly the best shampoos and hair products to use, check out this link

In addition, you could also check out this equally helpful article on a tried and tested 5-step hair care routine for colour treated hair to perfectly complement your experiences with hair colour at home! 

Though it may seem like a daunting at first, cost aside, there are many benefits that come with colouring hair at home. Especially, if you play close attention to instructions and take the time to do your research before you begin the process.

Perhaps, when you gain more experience with hair colour at home, you could even try different styles such as highlights or balayage to change your style up further! 

Picture credits: Pexels

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