To All Curly-Haired Goddesses, Here Are 10 Tips To Help You Rock Those Tresses!

With the Indian curly hair, you believe there is only so much you can do. With these curly hair care tips and tricks from bloggers, go rock your Mithila Palkar-esque locks!

With the Indian curly hair, you believe there is only so much you can do. With these curly hair care tips and tricks from bloggers, go rock your Mithila Palkar-esque locks!

Imagine. It is a windy day, with the breeze so good against your skin and your hair all over the place. Oh yes! Your curly hair all over the place. Took out the fun of breeze, eh?

It is really difficult to have good hair days for your Indian curly hair at times. With a varied number of hair patterns on your own head, the locks do start becoming quite a trouble. But here are a few curly hair care tips and tricks from popular Instagram bloggers to help you tame those wild locks a little.

TheCuriousJalebi and her wonderful CG routine!

TheCuriousJalebi aka Pallavi is a “curly hair consultant.” She has amazing tricks up her sleeve for healthy curls and her own hair is drool-worthy. With her curly hair care routine, there is very little chance of you burning a hole in your pocket! 

To know more about this routine, click here.

DesiCurly brings you cure from dandruff and itchy scalp

Dandruff is a very common occurrence, especially on curly haired scalps. And the itchiness it cause may drive you crazy at times. To save you from that abyss of madness, DesiCurly posted a video of Scalp Detox Mask that can keep dandruff at bay for at least a few days. For the the video, click here.

Curly hair products for the win!

You may have tried a lot of curly hair products and failed horrendously! But I am going to provide you with an entire list of products that you, m’lady, can use for your Indian curly hair.

TheCuriousJalebi has here a list of products extensively for curly hair.

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Product cocktails!!

Who doesn’t love a dry martini or a margarita once in a while? But I am not talking about those in here. This is the bar of products, and here’s a menu for product cocktails that you can use!

Product cocktailing is basically mixing up two or more hair-products to meet your styling needs. You can also make your own specialty cocktails. For that, TheCuriosJalebi’s product list can be of a good help.

Apply leave-in conditioner

All of us know that a moisturiser is the saviour of dry and lifeless skin. Just like that, Desi Curly says that you can apply leave – conditioner aka the hair moisturiser to the mid-lengths and ends of hair. It will moisturise, revitalise and refresh the curls. What’s more is that it also leaves the curls soft, shiny, bouncy and strong! To go to the video, click here.

If you’re a fan of the cream conditioner, she also has a video showing how to detangle Indian curly hair with the leave-in conditioner.

Click here to enter the portal of lesser mess.

Add hair masks into your routine

From detangling to rehydrating your curls, a hair mask is a rejuvenator. There are two types of hair masks – protein based masks and pure moisture masks. The protein based masks work best for hair that needs strengthening due to damage caused by bleaching and hair dyes. And moisture marks helps with dry curly hair to rehydrate.

CurlieNish brings you “superfood for curly hair.” If you are a DIY fanatic, you can always mix up your own hair masks! Here’s a little help for you to get along with that.

More defined curls with HonestLizHere!

Don’t get disheartened with those apparently dead curls’ reflection on the mirror. Elizabeth Alex, or HonestLizHere will help you out with getting defined curls.

Her statement is, “Curly hair doesn’t have to be complicated,” and that’s true. Follow her tips from here to get that Kangana Ranaut look you’ve been trying to rock!

Diffuser to the rescue

Yes, I know that it is not possible to air dry every time you wash your hair, thus, diffuser comes handy. It is believed that air drying lets the hair soak all the nutrients from the products applied.

But you can always substitute air – drying with a diffuser attachment, which helps to disperse the air flow of a hair dryer. This results in less frizz and no disturbance in the hair pattern.

HonestLizHere also has some say in air – drying vs. diffuser.

Trying out cute hair up-dos

Styling curly hair can be a real pain in the butt. To help you with quick and easy hair up-dos, ChicMedusa has quite a few posts to help you with that.

You can find her rocking a satin scarf in here.

Get a more festive look with flower accessories, click here.

Going for a casual messy hair up-do? Pick this one.

And the last resort – Curling iron

I know you must be thinking that your hair is already curly, and why on earth am I asking you to use the curling iron! Keep aside this prejudice, get a curling iron that matches your curl’s diameter because it helps a lot to give a finishing touch to your hair style.

Colouring and highlighting the hair can create some damage. Pick up the iron and curl your way through! It will help you get defined curls and give your hair a more uniform look.

The Curious Jalebi is available on Instagram, Youtube and Facebook.

You can find Desi Curly on Instagram.

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To follow HonestLizHere on Instagram, click here.

MyCurlStorie has got some cool curl merch. Check them out here!

To get more ideas for hair up-dos and other curly hair care tips and tricks, follow ChicMedusa on Instagram.

There you go! Embrace your goddess-like curls! You have received a lot of compliments for your, don’t let it go to waste.

Do your part by following these tips and tricks given by the mentioned bloggers and you’ll have lovely, strong and bouncy curls.

Picture credits: Muramba

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