8 Secret Santa Gifts For Your Colleagues

Secret Santa season is here! Are you paired with a colleague you barely know? Here we have 8 ideas to make you the best Secret Santa ever!

Secret Santa season is finally here! But you are paired with a colleague you barely know. Fret not, here we have eight ideas to make you the best Secret Santa ever!

Secret Santa can be a great Christmas tradition. However, this time, imagine you’re the secret Santa for a colleague you barely know. But you really want to make their Christmas special (as if it wasn’t memorable already).

Well, buying gifts for colleagues can be a tough task because it is not the universal stuff you want to give them, but you also want to stay in your budget. So here is a list of unique Secret Santa gifts you can buy for your co-workers under Rs. 500.

Go wild!



Who doesn’t love a mouthful of this delicacy loaded with endorphins which gives you so much happiness? Chocolate has been among the most presented edible gifts which rarely goes wrong. Packed in cute boxes or made into a bouquet, you are assured that chocolates will definitely bring a smile to the face of your colleague.


books for christmas

Now, if you’re dealing with a bibliophile, books are probably the only thing that they’d want. If you’re not much in touch with books and don’t know how to proceed with buying a book, Amazon saves the day!

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Amazon has curated a list of 100 best books to read in a lifetime which includes excellent fictions and non-fictions. Here is also a Christmas book list for your unique Secret Santa gift.

If the book comes under your budget and you want to add something else, you can always add one of these handmade bookmarks starting from Rs. 20, from here.

Power banks

secret santa gifts

Power bank is an essential in this digital age. We cannot imagine our lives without phones and at times the major reason of our frustration becomes low Wi-Fi network or no charge in the battery. Here comes the Secret Santa that is you, to the rescue, saving phones from low battery. It is portable and comes under budget!


headset gift for christmas

Listening to music is one of the commonest hobbies. A person who loves music, good bass, good beats, well, earphones or headsets are the perfect gift for him/her.

(P.S. Earphones/headsets also helps you avoid conversations. You know, just in case.)

Customised Mug

Secret Santa Gifts For Your Colleagues

Customised mugs are a unique Secret Santa gift if you want to present something personal which they’ll forever treasure. You can print their names on it, or maybe add up some quote. You can also buy a very geeky mug for the Potterhead of that person.

You can customise mugs online through websites like this. Or you can also go to the gift shop next to your door and buy it from there only!


Secret Santa Gifts For Your Colleagues

Succulent plants are a dream of the green thumbed. Even for people who are not that good with plants, succulents are the perfect gift because they are low maintenance, and let us accept that it gives the perfect modern bohemian edge to the bedroom (or, any room). In a cute pot with a tiny bow around it, you might end up giving the person a perfect hobby to pursue.

You can buy succulent plants from your city’s nursery. But there are also nurseries online, like this, which comes with a description of the types of the plants with affordable price!

Quirky scarves and socks

Secret Santa Gifts For Your Colleagues

Winter is coming (no pun intended).

Winter can be a drab season, and everything looks dull. Why not add a pop of colour? A quirky pair of scarves and socks will surely cheer them up. You can go with cute patterns, or geometrical shapes or even cartoon characters! They are comfy and warm, and a perfect dose of happiness in Christmas.

Need a little help with it, Secret Santa? Go here and you might just fail to resist the temptation of owing a few quirky things for yourself.

Photo frames

Secret Santa Gifts For Your Colleagues

Personalised gifts are the best, isn’t it? They are the keepsakes that matters. Photo frames with photographs of your work team, or just the two of you will always help that person cherish the happy days. They also make pretty decorative pieces. There are a lot of websites that have photo frames or you can also buy them from gift shops.

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