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Make A Resume That Gets You Hired, With These Comprehensive Tips And Free Templates

Make a resume that catchers recruiters' attention. These powerful modifications can make your resume relevant as well as impressive.

A resume is your first impression to the recruiter. Learn how making simple modifications can make your resume relevant and impressive.

Research shows that an employer/HR team scans your resume for around 6 seconds to understand if you could be a match. That’s the power of this document. 

Whether or not you are looking to change your job, it is important to keep your resume up to date. Many around us may find it worthwhile to have an updated resume for when the opportunity comes knocking. 

Consider yourself as an HR person when designing your resume. How would you like it to look? What is the information that would matter? What would you interpret about the candidate from the first look you have of his or her resume? With this perspective in mind, you are likely to present yourself appropriately. 

Now, let us consider the various aspects of a resume, beginning with the cover letter. If your resume is the gift, your cover letter is the wrapping paper. It should evoke interest in you and your work and lead to the HR person reviewing your resume

Cover Letter

Here’s what a catchy Cover Letter should include:

  • Address the person preferably using their name as Dear Recruiter/Hiring Manager (name). Helps them know you cared to find out where your letter was going to land
  • An introduction describing the role you are applying for and why you are interested in the company. Start with a unique line that grabs eyeballs while ensuring you are being honest
  • Let the body paragraph enlist your responsibilities in previous roles and the skills you have acquired. Most of all mention the impact you had. A good place to mention achievements and accolades
  • In the closing paragraph you could re-emphasize your interest in the position and why you are a good fit. Mention how you could contribute if selected
  • End by prompting the HR person to follow up with you for more information and thank the reader for reviewing your cover letter
  • Sign off with Sincerely (your name)

Creating an impactful resume from scratch can be a challenging task. The body of your resume will differ in different stages of your career. For work experience less than 8 years, it is the projection of the skills that matter more along with current work experience. The moment your work experience increases beyond 8 years or so, then the resume should emphasize on your work accomplishments over the skills. 

Read on to understand more about these aspects of resume making and download our ready made templates. 

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