Is My Wife – A Wise Investment Forever, Or Worry Invited Forever?

A major disinterest in marriages is a rising trend among youngsters of this age. Lack of patience, and respect towards partners is the stem cause.

I came across an article on divorce, and was bewildered with the case that took place recently. According to the Live Law report, the husband had filed (divorce) before the Family Court at Alappuzha in Kerala on the ground of matrimonial cruelty.

Justice A. Muhammed Mustaque, and Justice Sophy Thomas thunderously remarked about divorce, and the husband cannot escape from his existing marriage.

The husband has an extramarital affair since 2017

But, “There is nothing to show that the chances of an amicable reunion are foreclosed forever,” as his wife, 38, is willing to accept him back – the High Court order says, stressing the fact that the couple has three daughters.

“When warring couples, deserted children, and desperate divorcees occupy the majority of our population, no doubt it will adversely affect the tranquillity of our social life, and our society will have a stunted growth”, the judges said.

Further, the judges said that the current generation’s men have changed the meaning of the, “WIFE” word to Worry Invited For Ever, substituting the old concept of Wise Investment For Ever.

They said that the consumer culture of ‘Use and Throw’ have influenced the matrimonial relationship.

The husband alleged that due to his wife’s abnormal behaviour, he became mentally stressed, and physically ill; hence filed the divorce petition.

Kerala High Court lamented over the rising disinterest in marriages among youngsters. The court expressed concern that the younger generation is considering marriage as not able to enjoy one’s freedom, and also led to a rise in live-in relationships.

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The respondents represented by Advocates J John Prakash, P Pramel, Nimmi Shaji, and Balasubramaniam R contended that the husband was devising reasons to stay from his wife.

However, the court said that if the wife had unreasonable grounds to suspect the chastity or fidelity of the husband and questions him, or expresses deep pain, such behaviour cannot be termed as ‘behavioural abnormality’.

“It is a natural human conduct of a normal wife”, the bench said.

The court observed, “Mere quarrels, ordinary wear, and tear of matrimonial relationships or casual outburst of some emotional feelings cannot be treated as cruelties warranting a divorce”.

Today, if you check the statistics of divorce cases in India, where it was considered a ritual ceremony, it is now a mere ceremony where the husband has the licence to find silly reasons to escape from his existing marriage.

If the wife can tolerate so much, why can’t the husband?

The judges gave fair decision like our favourite Sima aunty who stresses on adjustment in Indian Matchmaking—a problem that today’s generation is facing.

Every serial, every film that is directed today, centres around the woman sacrificing.

The top ranking TV serials, in the past few years remains fiercely feminist, and it’s rigorously being encouraged where the journey of a middle-aged housewife is to take care of the family even if her husband is cheating with her.

Sadly, she has to face the consequences, like in the famous Malayalam serial— Kudumbavilakku.

In some cases, the housewife gets little or no support from her family and relatives.

Marriage has to be a mature decision and not a ‘use and throw’ choice where one partner is made to suffer, and the other one busy searching for Mr or Mrs right. A generation faced with numerous choices when relationship breaks—not able to adjust, tolerate, or be resilient.

Sometimes it so happens that we forget that love is patience, forgiving and sacrificing, which is clearly manifested in the film Thappad. In reality, when it happens, marriage is not like what we think it is beyond our imagination and expectations.

Like we all know the fact that all that glitters are not gold, to marry or not to marry means the next generation has to be more careful in thoughts and expressions. Just like selecting the best outfit, the one that rightly fits you, choosing the right person is a serious decision.

Image source: Ketut Subiyanto via pexels, free and edited on Canva Pro


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