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Kerala HC Contradicts Itself In 2 Verdicts On 2 Consecutive Days: So Is It FOR Women’s Rights Or ANTI Women?

I mean seriously, how can you blame a girl's dress for someone's unwanted gaze and comments? As much as I was amazed with the first one, I am more ashamed reading the second one.

I recently read two decisions made by the Kerala High Court. Honestly till yesterday, I was really appreciating the respected court for the first decision but when I read the second one today, I was really disappointed and heartbroken.

Verdict 1: ‘Husband’s Repeated Taunts, Comparisons with Other Women Qualify as Mental Cruelty’

At the outset, let me share my opinion on the first one which was, “Husband’s Repeated Taunts, Comparisons with Other Women Qualify as Mental Cruelty”.

I mean just read the verdict again – I was really so happy about it that I wanted to write about it and share it with the whole world.

You might have heard or read, “dusro ki biwi zyada acchi lagti hai’, (wives of others are better)! This is usually said in a fun way, but some men take it literally. It doesn’t matter how beautiful your wife is, how qualified she is and how impressive she is, some men are never satisfied. I really don’t have to go far to experience that, I have witnessed this at my own home. “Kuch seekho usse” (Learn from her!) is the basic dialogue of such men! It’s a big torture is to listen such taunts on a daily basis.

In the movie Taare Zameen Par, Aamir Khan tells a story about a tree in a village. The villagers wanted to get rid of the tree but they couldn’t, so every day they would come to the tree and abuse it immensely, and one day the tree dies. This story states that the words are often enough to kill someone, and taunts are big torture for anyone. The word mental cruelty is apt for such taunts and the comparisons made.

Once again, I really appreciate the court’s decision.

Verdict 2: ‘Sexual Harrassment Complaint is Invalid if the Woman was Wearing a Provocative Dress’

Coming to the second decision which I read today, which just blew off my mind. It said, “Sexual Harrassment complaint is invalid if woman was wearing a provocative dress”.

I mean seriously, how can you blame a girl’s dress for someone’s unwanted gaze and comments? As much as I was amazed with the first one, I am more ashamed reading the second one.

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I am sure this would have shook the girls of Kerala and other states too. I wrote a blog that now it’s time for India’s people to upgrade their mindset; I think they are just busy upgrading their phone’s software.

I even hate to think that just because I am wearing a midi skirt or midi dress, boys have the right to say anything to me. India might be a free country but the women of India are still chained. As though India’s people were not enough to make women feel insulted, now a respected court is doing the same too?! Why should I think 100 times about what I should wear?!

The right to freedom gives citizens basic freedoms with respect to speech and expression, to form associations, freedom of personal liberty, freedom to live a life of dignity, etc but where is our personal liberty from among these? In fact such decisions give liberty to the wrong people to do whatever they want.

I think every decision has an enormous impact on society. Where one decision gave utmost respect to women, the second one took it back.

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