Misogynist Statements Women Definitely Do NOT Need To Hear In 2021!

Why must we pay the price of our happiness and freedom just to live our life according to what is 'expected of us'? We deserve happiness too!

Why must we pay the price of our happiness and freedom just to live our life according to what is ‘expected of us’? We deserve happiness too!

You are a girl and girls don’t talk in a loud voice! Oh, you are a girl. Girls don’t play outdoor games. You’re a girl, girls don’t roam around outside late at night! Girls behave decently and should wear decent clothes that don’t attract boys! You are a girl, so you need to learn cooking or else, no one will marry you. It’s tradition so as a girl, you will have to leave your house and parents one day after you’re married.

Oh! How can you demand that your husband separate from his parents? Have you ever heard of boys leaving their parents after marriage! It is almost like a crime.

As a woman, your only priority is to keep your husband happy in every manner and not to regret making sacrifices even if it is needed. It is normal for women to be tortured and taunted by her in-laws. There is nothing new there. You should learn to take that to keep your married life alive.

Why is it always her duty?

When men marry women, it is the woman’s duty to say ‘yes’ every time the man wants to have a physical relationship. After marriage, a man does not expect a ‘No’ from his wife. ‘Don’t make him angry, okay? If you say no to him, he may move outside to find that pleasure and then what will you do?

It is okay for a man to sleep late into the morning but the woman has to wake up early since it is her duty to look after her house and her professional life. If a man comes home late from work, his parents gush over him and say, ‘Oh! Our son is so hard-working.’ But if the daughter-in-law comes back late, they ask, ‘What were you doing out so late? We don’t like this! Who will make dinner if you work so late?’

If you need to go visit your own parents, you are asked why must you visit them so often now that you’re married. ‘You need to focus on this home and this family now!’ Really?

We can work toward making life easier for women

All these statements are increasingly becoming normal in our society since women are still taught to accept these as normal. Until we refuse these and completely change our perspective, these statements will be a part of our lives and society. They will affect generations to come just like they are affecting us now.

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It is time we make certain changes and make life a little happier for women. Let’s work toward making women financially and emotionally independent. We need to understand that women can handle their own lives on their own terms and live happily and independently. Why must we pay the price of our happiness and freedom just to live our life according to what is ‘expected of us’?

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