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Do Men Have To Be Controlling To Be Considered Men? My Husband Proves Otherwise

Posted: December 7, 2020
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Disagreement and annoyance is a part of life. But instead of yelling, accusing, abusing, simple calm communication can also sort issues.

We all like people who are polite, gentle, calm, and soft spoken.  This is applicable for all the genders. But I would specifically like to talk about the breed of calm and soft-spoken men here.

Not all, but many men out there are quite rough. I have myself seen, plus read and heard of men who yell, shout at the drop of a hat; demean their spouse, children, parents and just about everyone with hurtful words when they are angry or annoyed. Many men use expletives rampantly without bothering who’s around them.

Such men try to prove their dominance over others by verbal abuse and we all agree that verbal abuse is also as hurtful and spiteful as physical abuse. Such men try to prove their ‘superiority’ by creating fear.

Soft spoken men

Men who are calm and never yell or abuse are one of their kind. Ironically, its how should one be! Such men even when angry are mindful of the words they use.

Yes..such men are there; one of them being my husband. The impact of a such a father is also very positive on the children. The kids also emulate such parents and are mindful of their tone and words.

Disagreement and annoyance is a part of life. But instead of yelling, accusing, abusing, simple calm communication can also sort issues. A husband can talk to his wife in a considerate manner. It keeps the atmosphere at home peaceful too.

Every day I read how women are either verbally or physically abused by their partners. In some cases, later as their son grows up he also uses the same tone and words. The future generation of men will learn from this generation. A youngster who sees their father yell and raise his tone at the slightest of provocation either turns out like him, abhors him, or decides never to be like him.

As I read somewhere, “A man who is soft spoken and calm is the most attractive man.”

Let this tribe grow more…

Image source: a still from the film Thappad

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