A New Year, A New Me! What About You, Too?

Is this just about a new haircut? No. The new haircut just makes you feel like a new you. YOU then have to make it true, work towards it, and make it happen!

Is this just about a new haircut? No. The new haircut just makes you feel like a new you. YOU then have to make it true, work towards it, and make it happen!

It was time to get a new haircut. I had been sporting the same look for what seemed like eternity. I could not decide if I should layer it, get some bangs or go for a vivid new hue. Should I straighten it or curl it or maybe get some highlights – the overthinking part of my brain was in a loop.

It is just a hair cut, the logical part of my brain laughed. There are so many more important decisions you will have to face in life, I mused out loud. But there was a voice in my head stopping me. No not a load deafening voice, more like a quiet persistent muffle. No matter how hard I tried I could not drown that voice. And that was just a haircut that is still pending. Have you ever been in such a situation?

Maybe it’s that write up you have kept hidden in your head. Maybe it’s that dance step you’ve been hiding from the world. Or maybe it’s those song lyrics, dress designs, innovative recipes, interior decor plans, some big dream, some new challenge or job change, some bad situation that life has thrown at you. Maybe it’s moving to a new city, giving up on a failed relationship, starting a new business, asking for your due, asking big questions or just a small all important question, buying something big, investing in something, taking a huge career risk, telling people it’s not working out, gaining weight or losing weight, wanting to change something about yourself, saying no, saying yes, saying “it’s over” or “it’s too much” or “I want some”.

Whatever your dilemma, the New Year is the symbol of new beginnings. It is the sign of bidding goodbye to fear, doubt, failure, ego, negativity, hopelessness. It is the time to usher in faith, love, trust, hope, self esteem. Let it all soak in. Inhale the positivity all around you. Question everything that is holding you back. Let go of all those voices telling you that you are not good enough, brave enough, tall enough, pretty enough, bold enough for what you want. Talk to yourself and say:”You’ve got this…you can do it”.

Then start with baby steps in the right direction. Stand up for yourself. Believe in your dreams. Trust in a bigger, better future waiting out there for you. Have faith in the process, in the journey, the struggle. Pledge to yourself to leave behind all the things that were holding you back in 2017. Welcome 2018 with arms wide open, a spring in your step, courage in your heart and a beaming smile on your face. This is your year. Get started on those things you’ve always wanted but never had the guts to pursue. As the whole world counts down to the new year, picture yourself where you want to be one year from now. Then go out and make it happen. Happy 2018 everyone!

P.S: I think it’s finally time to get that haircut. Not just me. You too!

Image source: unsplash

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