A Letter To Priyanka Chopra On Her Wedding Day

Posted: December 3, 2018

As Priyanka Chopra gets married, an ardent admirer of the actress, pens a heart-felt letter to her telling her, how her journey inspires so many women in India.

Dear PC,

As you embark on a new journey after a fairytale romance,this fangirl celebrates your happiness as her own. I have never been a follower of celebrity news or movies- in fact I’ve watched only a few of your Bollywood movies and only a handful of Quantico episodes. But I’ve listened to countless interviews where you have talked about bullying, ambition, your flaws and your journey.

Your speeches are very real, authentic and relatable. Your humility is infectious and so is your humour. It takes guts to make the life choices that you have made especially being an Indian girl. So when I say I admire you, it is your persona and zeal that I admire. You are much more than an actress- you are a role model.You have made us girls believe that being 35 and unmarried is totally ok and we are allowed to make bold choices.We are allowed to put ‘career first-change continents’ if we need to. We are allowed to be more than a pretty face and an hourglass body. We are allowed to follow our dreams no matter what our neighborhood aunty or dad’s friend say. We don’t have to get married because our cousins are getting married. We don’t have to cook if we hate it. We don’t have to settle for love, comfort or stability. We are allowed to laugh loudly, voice our seemingly eccentric views and shun our critics. We are allowed to be our own person even if it raises a few eyebrows.

You have embraced your flaws and given us the courage to do the same.You have made us believe that adopting a different culture or language doesn’t mean giving up on our roots.You made us believe in waiting for the good things.It was inspiring to see you come back to your homeland to get married. It is a great honour to share my initials with you. All the best for your new journey. Hope you keep inspiring me forever!

From a fangirl,



Image Source: Facebook/Priyanka Chopra

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