Raise Your Fitness Quotient In 2018 With These 10 Diet Tips That Actually Worked For Me

Getting fit by losing weight is an almost perpetual goal that most of us seem to be running behind. These tried and tested diet tips might actually help with the journey!

Getting fit by losing weight is an almost perpetual goal that most of us seem to be running behind. These tried and tested diet tips might actually help with the journey!

2017 is almost over and even though my weight loss journey is far from over, it is definitely headed in the right direction. I never really believed in the saying: “you are what you eat” till the kilos started to fall off.

Here are some feasible weight loss tips that are actually easy to follow no matter what your schedule is:

Protein – your new best friend

Make sure you are getting enough protein.

Chicken, eggs, yoghurt, soya products, pulses. Proteins will keep you full for long and keep hunger pangs away. Start your breakfast with a boiled egg. It’s 70 calories not wasted.

Minimum processing

Try to stick to pure forms of food – boiled or raw.

Fruits are a dieter’s best friend because they are actually easy to eat. I personally find eating salads exhausting; it takes forever. But an apple, banana or some papaya takes 5 minutes max. Grab a fruit as a snack.

Binge on soups

During winters, soups are my favourite weight loss food.

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From a bowl of soup, you get the nutrition of vegetables as well as very few calories. Your water intake is also maintained. They are best as dinner options.

Health bhi, taste bhi!

Find out one or two healthy foods that you actually love.

Try to make that one meal each day. For me it’s boiled egg for breakfast, and oats and banana for dinner.

Unfriend the carbs

Rice is not your friend when you are trying to lose weight.

Keep your carb intake minimum. A small amount of carbohydrates are there in all foods, so added carbs are not required.

Do eat out sometimes

If you have plans to eat out during your diet, don’t hesitate.

Have meals rich in protein-meat, chicken, etc. Remember it’s kebabs over pizza when you are on a diet.

Feed that sugar craving… within limit

For those like me who have a sweet tooth, sugar cravings are a real problem.

But do give in to the temptation as soon as you have it, otherwise you will end up binging later on. If possible keep sugar for breakfast or lunch. Keep dinner as clean as possible.

Have cheat days

A successful diet has to be sustainable.

For that, you need to have cheat days. But when you have a lot to lose, restrict that to cheat meals. Eat clean for the rest of the day and enjoy that one meal you have waited for days. Cheat days/meals will provide satiety and keep you going.

Should sustain you

If any diet keeps you feeling tired, sleepy, dizzy or leads to other health ailments, know that it is time to take a break. 

Eat your regular home food for 3-5 days and then once your body recovers start the diet again.

Experiment with recipes

Find out new healthy recipes that work for you. 

Add your favourite spices, herbs and seasonings. Avoid packaged foods, sauces, cookies, chips and soft drinks as much as possible. Replace biscuits with a banana or an apple or an egg.

And don’t forget to exercise while you follow these diet tips, and see the fitness quotient go up!

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