5 Things That I Tell Myself To Do On My Worst Days, That Really Work!

Posted: December 11, 2017

We all have bad days, and sometimes it becomes impossible to function. Here are things you can do on a bad day, simple, practical things that really work for me.

Guilty. As women we are guilty of feeling a thousand emotions in a given twenty four hours. And I guess I am no exception. And yet even when you are down, you cannot be out. So no matter how crappy you are feeling, you have to put your best foot forward. Here’s what I tell myself on my worst days to just get me through.

Talk less

I don’t know how it works but I guess it works for me. When I am in a bad mood, things I say don’t really come out as planned. Eventually this can leave a lasting impact on people and situations, some of which turns out to be irreversible.

Talk to random people or strangers

Talking to new people, random people or strangers has been therapeutic for me in these certain situations. When we talk to people we know very well, we already have certain pre-existing expectations from them — we want them to listen, understand and empathize. But often we ourselves are not sure about what exactly the problem is. So expecting other people to understand is  actually expecting too much. Instead when you are talking to new people you are actually aware of what you are saying, you strive to be polite and courteous because you can’t just assume that they will understand you.

Get close to nature

Let’s get real. On a bad day in office, you just can’t get up and say: “I need a vacation asap!” What you can do though is get outside, look up at the sky, see those flowers planted outside your office gate, get a glimpse of the sunset from your window, let your tired face lap up the free breeze. These little things are enough to bring down your temper, and soothe you before you head back to harsh reality.

Smile at children or talk to them

Talking to children is one of the best ways of feeling alive again. Listen to the way a child talks — with so much passion, so much wonder in their eyes. No matter how bad your day is going, it will make you want to live all over again.

Write down your thoughts

Writing down your feelings is a good way to analyse them. Only when you write down your thoughts do you realize your guilt was actually shame, your anger was actually fear. So in hindsight, the things you are feeling can be seen and dealt with objectively.

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