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A Letter To Priyanka Chopra On Her Wedding Day

As Priyanka Chopra gets married, an ardent admirer of the actress, pens a heart-felt letter to her telling her, how her journey inspires so many women in India.

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Dear Younger Me, Fall In Love With Your Imperfections

If you had to tell 'Younger Me' one thing from today's vantage point, what would it be? What of life's wisdom would you have to offer?

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feel like a new me
A New Year, A New Me! What About You, Too?

Is this just about a new haircut? No. The new haircut just makes you feel like a new you. YOU then have to make it true, work towards it, and make it happen!

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diet tips
Raise Your Fitness Quotient In 2018 With These 10 Diet Tips That Actually Worked For Me

Getting fit by losing weight is an almost perpetual goal that most of us seem to be running behind. These tried and tested diet tips might actually help with the journey!

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On Jan 1st, Here Are 10 Things I Want Every Working Woman In India To Know

Here's to beginning the new year 2018 with a message of love, hope and courage for every working woman in India!

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17 New Things That 2017 Taught Me. How About You?

Here's what 2017 taught this writer. How about making your very own 'What 2017 taught me' list?

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things you can do on a bad day
5 Things That I Tell Myself To Do On My Worst Days, That Really Work!

We all have bad days, and sometimes it becomes impossible to function. Here are things you can do on a bad day, simple, practical things that really work for me.

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