Do You Think Only Daughters Are Caring? Here’s My Son’s Story

We have always heard how daughters are caring and how sons are incapable of handling themselves or others. This will change your mind.

We have always heard how daughters are caring and how sons are incapable of handling themselves or others. This will change your mind.

So, lately, I have been reading a lot about how only daughters are caring while sons are brash, and so on. I have always opposed this, whenever I come across anything of this kind. It seems that somehow, to glorify the daughters, sons are made the villains.

In the month of September, one evening I received a call from my mom that my father had suffered a heart attack. I immediately wanted to leave everything and go to my parents. As luck would have it, my husband had left for Delhi (I stay in Mumbai) that very day for official work.

We stay in a nuclear family and have no live-in maids. My teen son just asked me to go without worrying about anything. He was in class 10 and I was a little skeptical as I had never left my children alone. He only told me, “Just go and take care of your dad. I will manage everything. If you don’t give me responsibilities, I will never become responsible.”

Fortunately, my husband came back after winding up his work early the very next day. I went to my parents’ house and took care of them, without any worries.

As my husband told me, my son would wake up at 5:30 in the morning, prepare tiffin for him and his sister, wake up his sister, prepare breakfast for both and get ready and go to school. He would diligently keep an eye on whether the clothes were washed or not, utensils were kept in place or not, his sister and dad had eaten or not, and even helped his dad make dinner. Amidst all this, he would go for his tuitions and study, not bunking a single class. Of course, my husband and little daughter were darlings too. So, all-in-all there was no scenario of mess or “jala hua toast” in my absence.

Here I am emphasizing more on the SON part because if, as a parent, we raise our sons well it helps not just us, it helps them too.  Now I know when, in the future, he will be on his own studying or working he will not have any difficulty doing household chores or cooking. His wife will never have to complain that “My husband doesn’t help me with anything.” Boys are not born brash or lazy, it’s the parents who make them that. Simply give them the responsibilities and trust them.

These seven days have not just made my son more responsible, they have made him extremely confident that he can manage and handle things all alone. I would also appreciate my husband and daughter for being so understanding. I didn’t have to worry about anything and just took care of my parents.

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So, the next time anyone feels that only daughters are caring, please do read this. Also, those who have sons, please teach them everything. It will help you, as well as, them too.

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