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Why I Think Hillary Clinton Has Won Despite Losing The Presidential Elections

Even though she lost the race to the President’s position, Hillary Clinton is an inspiration to the girl child, enabling them to reach for their dreams!

Some people with 20/20 vision are thinking out loud if it had been Bernie, things would have been different. Well, that would feed in to the misogynistic loop, wouldn’t it? That would be like having liberal ideas but ideas that exclude women and what would be great about that?

I for one am very grateful for Hillary. Many might think that she did not break the glass ceiling. On the contrary it is my opinion that she showed her middle finger to the glass ceiling and said out loud, “The world does not decide what I can be or not be. I decide what I want to do and will fight tooth and nail to make my dreams come true.”

Her entire adult life she had been given the second place, not for the lack of ability, but because of her gender. Still she neither let that define her nor stop her. It is amazing to see how she put herself first and believed in herself. This is a positive message that we must cherish and pass on to our children.

It is not an easy path she chose. She would have had a tough path ahead irrespective of her success or failure to win the Presidential elections. She accepted it and forged on.

The next time a girl child says that she wants grow up and be the President of America, she will not be given an indulgent smile, thanks to Hillary.

The next time a woman wins the nomination for President, she will not shock people and send them out on a witch hunt to come up with absolute nonsense that aims to disgrace her, thanks to Hillary.

The next time we have a woman running for the highest office in the United States, she will understand what to expect, thanks to Hillary.

The next time we hear that a woman is aiming for THE best, we will not go, “But why?!”, thanks to Hillary.

Next time a little girl gets bullied and called names, she knows how to respond with tact AND stay focused, thanks to Hillary.

From the time of the Grimke sisters to now, it has never been easy for us women, but we have never given up. If you ask any feminist, which includes men women and children by the way, they will tell you how difficult it is to be in the front line. Yet she was there and did her part exceedingly well, thank you Hillary.

Watch Hillary Clinton’s concession speech here, to see how she was Presidential even in her defeat.


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Anitha Ramkumar is a teacher, librarian, a dreamer and an independent spirit. She used to

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  1. Well said !! As a woman it definitely makes me feel proud .

  2. Absolutely well said! Deserves many likes!! Bernie Sanders supporters stayed home during the election but Hillary still won the popular vote! If the electoral college process does not award all the votes to the majority, Trump would not know where to hide with his ego. But anyways, it is the most shameful act America has ever displayed by voting for the conman cum clown to lead the country compared to a qualified woman!

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