Anitha Ramkumar

Anitha Ramkumar is a teacher, librarian, a dreamer and an independent spirit. She used to believe that she is a multi-modal thinker. But of late she is realizing that she only has two modes - the 'reading mode' and the 'what to read next' mode. And she is quite happy with this epiphany!

Voice of Anitha Ramkumar

Mayilwriter Is Back, All Grown Up & Pushing Boundaries, And It’s Been Fun Growing Up With Her!

Mayil is back and she is all grown up! An older teenager, she pushes boundaries for herself and her family. A look at the series read with my kids, now with the 3rd book, This is Me, Mayil.

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spreading your wings
Check Out This Great New Resource On Girls’ Health That Is Easy For Kids To Grasp

Want accessible information on health of girls? Spreading Your Wings, A health Infomic for Girls of All Ages  is a great resource, in comic form that kids will find interesting.

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Like A Girl
Like A Girl By Aparna Jain Tells Us Real Stories Of Gritty Indian Women For Tough Kids

A must read book for anyone above 12, Like A Girl by Aparna Jain is a treasure house of the real stories of the great women of India.

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biography of Sonal Mansingh
Read This Biography Of Sonal Mansingh For A Closer Look At The Life Of This Dancing Goddess

Sujata Prasad's biography of Sonal Mansingh is a celebration of the multifaceted dancer, and can afford a peek into this otherwise reticent woman's life.

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Female Role Models For Teens
Fictional Female Role Models For Teens Of All Genders That Are Worth Checking Out – Part II

Fictional role models do affect mindset, especially if these are feisty female role models for teens - as our author discovered. We published Part I yesterday. Here's Part II.

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role models for teens
Fictional Female Role Models For Teens Of All Genders That Are Worth Checking Out- Part I

Today, 12th July is Malala Day, for one of the most inspiring and fearless role models for teens. Here are a few inspiring YA books for both boys and girls.

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Good Night Stories For Rebel Girls
Why Good Night Stories For Rebel Girls Is A Must Read For Both Girls AND Boys [#BookReview]

Good Night Stories For Rebel Girls is an original crowdfunded book, to inspire children with stories of 100 heroic women from Queen Elizabeth to Serena Williams.

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Why I Think Hillary Clinton Has Won Despite Losing The Presidential Elections

Even though she lost the race to the President's position, Hillary Clinton is an inspiration to the girl child, enabling them to reach for their dreams!

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Hooray – We Got These Popular Indian Authors To Pick Their Favourite Empowering Books For Girls

This International Day Of The Girl Child, which was on 11th October, I hope you decided to pick up some empowering books for girls. Here is a great list.

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Do You Know Any Good Boys?: A Woman’s Guide To The Arranged Marriage [#BookReview]

Meeti Shroff-Shah's book Do You Know Any Good Boys?: A Woman's Guide To The Arranged Marriage is a look at the modern Indian arranged marriage. 

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A Lack Of Strong Girl Characters In Children’s Books And Movies Means A Lack Of Strong Role Models

Do we really have enough strong girl characters in children's books and movies that our children, both boys and girls, can emulate?

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Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni’s Before We Visit The Goddess Is A Poetic If Slightly Melancholic Read [#BookReview]

Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni's Before We Visit The Goddess speaks of the trials of three generations of women, and how their actions affect each other's lives.

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Big Hero, Size Zero – Let Us Talk About Gender [Book Review]

Big Hero, Size Zero written by Anusha Harihariharan and Sowmya Rajendran is a great book for not only teens, but also for adults to explore the concept of gender.

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