5 Easy Businesses To Start For Women On A Career Break

Here are 5 easy businesses to start for women who have been out of the formal workplace for a while, may get you back on your feet again. 

5 easy businesses to start for women who have been out of the formal workplace for a while, may get you back on your feet again.

“When I dare to be powerful, to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid.”  – Audre Lorde

Women’s entrepreneurship is the single most incredible phenomenon that is taking the digital 21st century world by storm. India is slowly but steadily waking up to this new reality that is changing the face of business.

Women today have access to many resources unlike the previous generation; also, the digital age of today has given rise to different needs which were unheard of before.

Thus, these 5 easy businesses to start for women are the best option to try after a career break! Women are not waiting for someone to serve them with opportunities – they are creating opportunities for themselves as well as for others.

5 Easy businesses to start for women

So, if you are a woman who wants to start her own venture, note that there are no dearths of business ideas for women in today’s world.

Read on to get some potential business ideas for women here and get started on your own journey today.

5 Easy Businesses To Start For Women On A Career Break

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Open a neighbourhood daycare/crèche

If your home is in a prime locality or near a school, you can consider this a possible business idea. If you love children, then this could be fun, enjoyable, and profitable all at the same time. You can even look after your own child while operating your day care.

Of course, setting up a safe and comfortable environment for children will require at least a little capital investment, even if you begin on a small scale.

Hosting trunk shows

Why not be a trunk show host if you have a wide social circle and the ability to network? A Trunk Show is an event where a brand/designer displays their products to a select group of people. You can experience some fun and relaxed shopping from the comfort of your home.

If you have good contacts with upcoming designers, niche stores or boutiques, you can offer to host such shows for them, invite people in your network for a ‘shopping party’ at your home where they can chit-chat, view and purchase the products – all in the same place. It’s a fun way to socialise and earn some money!


If you are aware of the market around you and have a good contacts with professionals from your previous sphere of work, you could set up your own consulting operation.

This does not require much investment (beyond your time, and basics such as computer and Internet facilities) as you can turn a small room in your house into your business office.

This is also a good way to ensure that you keep your skills in your existing field alive and can return to the formal workplace should you want to.

Tutoring and education

There is a tremendous requirement for education related services across the globe in general and India in particular.

Choose a subject that you are comfortable with, leverage technology and be an online tutor. Nowadays, both tutors and their students are no longer required to meet each other in person, thanks to Skype or video conferencing.

You can sit in your bedroom and teach the subject of your choice to your student who may be sitting in another time zone, and a decent amount of money – how cool is that?! Remember, a tutoring business in India has a huge potential to develop into a viable career option.

Franchisee of established service brands

If you have the capital investment available, it is an excellent idea to take up the franchisee of an established beauty salon, daycare, tutoring service or other such franchisee based operation.

This is an excellent business idea for women who have saved up money from their corporate careers and would like the comfort of operating under a known brand umbrella.

The early investment on training, buying quality products and basic equipment tends to be heavier, a lot of processes are already put in place by the brand owner and the breakeven period tends to be shorter.

It is said that entrepreneurship comes naturally to women, given their ability for interpersonal and management skills. Hope these business ideas for women would help you to decide your forte, and take baby steps only to reach stupendous heights.

Image source: Deepak Sethi via Getty Images, free and edited on CanvaPro


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