Her Life’s Ironies In Three Lines [#Poem]

Promises and compliments might mean something completely different to men and women. It is always the woman who suffers. A poem.

Love, marriages or even life is built on commitments and promises, isn’t it? Here are some poems which would define ‘her’ tragedies which she never deserved but was always ‘promised’.

‘She’ over here is you, me or any woman who has been through any of  this. To all those women who have ever been cheated on pretext of promises or manipulations, taken advantage of their softer side or betrayed – No matter what, you are strong and beautiful!


I  love you for your inner beauty – he  said

He was right.

He cried “You don’t love me!” until she undressed.


I would never hit you – he said

He was right.

He threatened her so fiercely, she never confronted him back.


I will not touch you if you say no – he  said

He was right.

He drugged her before taking her to his bedroom.


I would even kill for you – he  said.

He was right.

He aborted her child to deliver a boy from her womb next time.


Your looks kill me – he said.

He was right.

He threw acid over her face.


I love your simplicity – he  said.

He was right.

Her only adornment –  to his mistress he gave away.

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