Katyayani Kapoor

Writer,Quiller,Empath ,Researcher who loves reading classics with instrumental in the background. When not reading,chatting,penning poems or studying she can be found indulging in black-currant at the nearest ice-cream parlour.

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woman's war
Hell, A Woman’s War Is Never Over! Here Is Why

A woman's war is something anyone with a vagina fights for a place of dignity, from babyhood to the last breath. It is supposed to be 'normal' for a woman, you see!

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Why Are Women “Sorry” All The Time?

Why women apologize more than men do in most social settings, whether personal, or professional, is the question!

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Her Life’s Ironies In Three Lines [#Poem]

Promises and compliments might mean something completely different to men and women. It is always the woman who suffers. A poem.

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This Homemaker Job: What Other Talents Lie Hidden Behind It?

While some homemakers are happy with their choice, others find that the homemaker job is not enough for them. 

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In A Relationship Where You Are Controlled By Your Partner? You Need To Get Out Now

No one is worth lowering your self-esteem, tying yourself up to their whims and fancies. It is better to break away from a love that controls. 

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A Page From The Diary Of An Ideal Woman

Our society has clear expectations of what an Ideal Woman should be like. Would you really aspire to be one? Yes? No? You need to read this.

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Have No Brothers? Woman, Feel Sorry For Yourself!

When 'women like us' still feel ashamed if we have only sisters and no brothers, change for women in India is going to take time!

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