She Rises – Changing From Lakshmi To Kaali To Protect Her Daughter! [#Poem]

The girl child is still marginalized, no matter how much things change, so much of sexism and misogyny remains the same! 

The girl child is still marginalized, no matter how much things change, so much of sexism and misogyny remains the same! 

Before she was born, you said, “No, we don’t want you!

You’re the expensive choice we can’t pursue”.

Then, the mother’s cries melted the stone,

And you let her be born!

Lakshmi was here in the family,

Worshipped but unwelcome as always!

Exceptionally bright as Lakshmi was,

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She outshone everyone in her class.

“Who cares!” you said, “someday she will be just a wife

You never saw through her strife.

You mocked her, teased her on the street.

Whilst castrated manhood watched her feet.

That day, she was walking her way from school,

She saw your venomous tongue drool.

You faked a smile and robbed the other one,

And stabbed her feelings for sheer fun.

Your lecherous eyes raped her each morning,

She left for college and while returning!

Then one day, a groom was sought for,

Lakshmi, the educated bride to be married off.

The boy, his family and his first cousin

Came to check the bride out and her kin.

How much dowry could they afford?

And what beauty was to be sold?

So she came to her other home.

“She is dark; she looks glum; she is no match

For the MBA son she is a poor catch”!

The unpaid maid servant to the family,

Meant to stay an outsider only!

The father came to see the daughter,

Complaints! “No dowry, no furniture!

But you had vowed to offer

Our son deserved a lot better”.

Two years pass by,

Your tantrums are still high.

Today she bore a daughter!

Another Lakshmi, lovelier.

She lay in the cot, uncelebrated

The girl child is still hated.

And Lakshmi cries, “All you people there,

My daughter is not meant to be me ever!

She will avenge the tears you shed today.

Everything will come back to you one day!

I name my daughter Kaali, the ferocious

She will rise above all you vicious!

One day the dark of her skin

Will surely freeze your chin

And you will judge her never

My revenge she will deliver”!

Image source: rural woman with daughter by Shutterstock.


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