The Rape Victim Is Not The Accused: Stop This Assault

A rape victim is not the accused, so the assault on her in the for of victim blaming that goes on is reprehensible. She needs justice and help.Not further trauma.

A rape victim is not the accused, so the assault on her in the for of victim blaming that goes on is reprehensible. She needs justice and help.Not further trauma.

Rape is the utmost bestial and coercive manifestation of violation of a woman’s private space. According to the annual report of National Crime Records Bureau of India in 2013, 24,923 rape cases were reported in 2012. The statistics have also showed that more than 50 per cent rape cases remain unreported.

The gang-rape of a 32 year old woman from Kerala is another shocking tale of terror that has surfaced, not merely for the four perpetrators who violated her, but also for the irresponsible, impudent and callous police. It took the woman two years to file a complaint. The police tortured, blackmailed, threatened and humiliated her. She was repeatedly harassed even after she had withdrawn her complaint.

In a rape case as this, the perpetrators of such heinous crime should be ashamed and punished at once. Shockingly however, the criminals went unperturbed and the victim bore all the assault. This presents an abject and shameful picture of administration and justice in the country. Despite all the development and progress, the safety and security of women is not guaranteed nor is the promise of decency towards them.

One of the objectives of the Indian Police Service has been outlined thus: “Inculcate integrity of the highest order, sensitivity to aspirations of people in a fast-changing social and economic milieu, respect for human rights, broad liberal perspective of law and justice and high standard of professionalism”. It is remarkable that It is high time to educate the police on ethics and human values and the necessity of shaking of the male chauvinism they have so dearly held on to.

Additionally, the judiciary should hasten the process of justice in rape cases. With approximately two rape cases registered every hour in India, there is an urgent need to revise our existing system of justice. The police and the judiciary must rise above corruption and gender bias in the first place. Police training should necessarily accommodate an elaborate instructive curriculum for humane behavioural training. As law-abiders and law protecting force, they should upheld the dignity of their profession themselves.

Rape is not the shame and sorrow of the victim but of the society that cannot guarantee her safety and security! A change towards the promise of a more humane society is the need of the hour.

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