New Movie ‘Pink’ Appears To Raise The Question Of Victim Blaming. A Promising Development!

The trailer of a new movie 'Pink' has been released. It raises questions about our legal system and cases of  victim blaming in India. Here's a closer look.

The trailer of a new movie ‘Pink’ has been released. It raises questions about our legal system and cases of victim blaming in India. Here’s a closer look.

Recently, the official trailer of the movie ‘Pink’ was released. The trailer is full of action packed scenes. Amitabh Bachchan can be seen as a lawyer questioning Tapsee Pannu and two of her friends played by Kirti Kulhari and Andrea Taring. From what the trailer reveals, the movie is about sexual assault and victim blaming. The movie ‘Pink’ looks like a crime thriller and courtroom drama folded into one. The fast pace and the burning questions kept my eyes glued to the screen while my mind was constantly relating it to the news flashes of those illogical and insensitive things I had heard about rape victims.

The trailer starts with the victim being asked if she is a virgin and ends by declaring her a woman of ‘questionable character.’ The story unfolds between these two dialogues. The victim has to justify that she did not provoke the attack; if that is even possible. While fighting the memories and the scars of one of the worst experiences of her life, she is blamed that it is her ill character that brought this upon herself. It is absurd but totally relevant to these times. Victim blaming is not new to us. We have proof of so many cases that have taken place in the recent past.

The Delhi gangrape case got a lot of media attention and as a result it became a mass movement. When most of us were shocked to the core and praying for India’s daughter, there were some who thought that the victim was liable for what happened to her. Instead of being remorseful, the culprit was proud of his act. Some people questioned why she was out at such an odd hour. Some had things to say about her clothing. Some even thought she shouldn’t have fought against the criminals and just given in to their demands.

Similar things were heard in the murder case of Pallavi Purkayastha. The criminal went to great lengths for his lust. He cut-off the power supply twice, he invaded her home, he forced her, and slit her throat. And yet, it was Pallavi whose character was doubted. Her clothes, her lifestyle, her choices were questioned by the self appointed moral brigade. The image of an independent, self sufficient, confident girl living peacefully is a lot to handle for some patriarchy driven maniacs.

We have grown accustomed to politicians giving insensitive speeches, so called spiritual gurus giving reckless advice and sometimes even the judges passing unrepeatable, politically incorrect verdict. These words hurt us all. It’s high time, we stop ignoring such judgements.

This movie reminds us that it is time. We have to drive away this mentality of trying to find reason behind a criminal’s actions. The victim can’t control what goes on in the mind of the culprit, nor is he/she responsible to do so. A better society calls for a better mindset.


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