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Women Too Have An Equal Right To Give ‘Talaq’, Says New Fatwa

In a gigantic step towards gender equality, Islamic seminary issued a fatwa saying that a woman has the equal right to give 'Triple Talaq'.

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The Growing Sexualization Of Young Girls In Media. Is It Healthy For Our Youngsters?

The growing sexualization of young girls in media may have drastic health consequences both physically and mentally. Learn more about it here.

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Social Entrepreneur Shiza Shahid Found Her True Calling, When She Followed Her Passion Of Volunteering

Social entrepreneur- Shiza Shahid  believes that they are no superheroes and we ourselves are responsible for the betterment of the society. Watch the video below.

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Such Large Crowds But So Few women In Dahi Handi Celebrations!

Did you notice how few women there are in Dahi Handi celebrations? I did too. Read on to find out more.

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New Movie ‘Pink’ Appears To Raise The Question Of Victim Blaming. A Promising Development!

The trailer of a new movie 'Pink' has been released. It raises questions about our legal system and cases of  victim blaming in India. Here's a closer look.

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Actor Rakhee Gulzar Turns 69 Today; Some Of Her Women-Centric Movies We Love

On Rakhee Gulzar's birthday, let's take a look at how feminist many of her movies were, especially given the times she worked in.

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These 7 Sportswomen Braved Astonishing Hardships To Get To Rio

Read real stories of extra ordinary women who despite hardships, not only carved a niche for themselves but also made their country proud.

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These 5 Movies Celebrating Female Friendship Will Spice Up Your Friendship Day

In honour of friendship day, here's a list of 5 movies that celebrate female friendship in its essence.

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How Women Bikers In India Are Living It Up And Being An Inspiration!

Women bikers in India are taking the journeys of their lives. Let’s be a part of it. Not so long ago, when a woman drove a bike through the streets and roads of a city, people would slow their vehicles, turn their heads, and look at her in fascination. Some people smiled, some smirked. Bikes […]

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Sonakshi Sinha In Akira Promises Big Action. Here’s To Bigger Roles For Women!

Sonakshi Sinha in Akira, her forthcoming release promises to kick ass and raise some dust about ragging. Let's wait and watch!

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Indian Matrimonial Ads: ‘Just Practical’ Or Is It Show Business?

Taking a dip in the flourishing industry of Indian matrimonial ads. Being reasonable. Being sarcastic.

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A Shout Out To Periods: Let’s Kill These Menstruation Taboos

Why talk about 'periods' in a hushed voice? Let's kill all menstruation taboos!

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This Satirical Book On Donald Trump Will Get You (And Your Child) Laughing!

Donald Trump doesn’t fail to deliver on his daily yield of sexist remarks. This phenomenon is funnily depicted in a new satirical book on Donald Trump. Michael Ian Black’s satirical book on Donald Trump that is called A Child’s First book of Trump is creating quite a stir and bringing back the questions and rage […]

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