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A research scholar in literature. Loves books, music, movies, cats, writing, sketching cartoons and meditating. Independent in spirit and opinion and a true dreamer.

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Why Lipstick Under My Burkha Will Resonate Deeply With Every Indian Woman

Most Indian women know what it is to have to cut short their dreams. That's exactly why Lipstick Under My Burkha will appeal to all of us.

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The Rape Victim Is Not The Accused: Stop This Assault

A rape victim is not the accused, so the assault on her in the for of victim blaming that goes on is reprehensible. She needs justice and help.Not further trauma.

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Girls With Short Hair In The Latest Poster Of ‘Dangal’ Raise Curiosity

The girls with short hair in the latest poster of 'Dangal' raise curiosity about the movie. Are short haired women perceived differently even today?

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She Rises – Changing From Lakshmi To Kaali To Protect Her Daughter! [#Poem]

The girl child is still marginalized, no matter how much things change, so much of sexism and misogyny remains the same! 

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The Perfect Bitch … Errr… Bride! [#ShortStory]

The 'catch', Sunny, 'saw' many prospective matches in his search for the perfect bride. But when he found her, was everything going to be 'happy-ever-after'?

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Think! Are The Board Exam Results Really Worth All The Heartache They Cause, In The Long Run?

A boards bedlam occurs every time board exam results are out, both kids and parents taking part in it. Here are some words of wisdom for them..

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