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Nothing In Her Eyes: A Poem On The Life Of The ‘Normal Girl’

Posted: September 14, 2016
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In this captivating poem, ‘Nothing In Her Eyes’, the author describes how a normal girl, becomes a victim of atrocities in her own family. 
Drowned in the depths of silence,
few unsaid words
rolled down her eyes.
She prayed for a cover,
to obscure the darks of her mind.
None came to rescue,
so she builds up a lie.
Since then, she has been blamed,
she did try to fight.
She found different ways,
to make it all right.
She confided in many,
but all in plight.
Then she tried one last round,
which is played blind.
Betrayed by the truth
She cursed every bit of that lie.
The one she believed,
as showed by all.
It’s never gonna be true
Now that she has realized.
Unsure of the truth
She lies there with nothing in her eyes…
This poem is about that girl, who has faced atrocities among her own people. Family who lies and displays a fake assurance, that everything is as it should be. Yes, showing her that no other way of life exists and if it does, it comes under atrocity. Snatching away, all the chances that she can achieve in her life.
A ‘defined life’ for a girl, and no other way to try, is everybody’s motive. How a girl starts believing what everybody says and keeps hoping someday, everything will be fine. Then keeps shattering and moulding herself, with the way it is. The biggest lie is that someday, someone will come along the road and change everything. Well, it doesn’t happen.
And then she just becomes a mannequin of adjustments and compromises. And lives her life like its a cycle, everyday just passing by. And this is about those many girls. The normal girl.
Image Source: Pixabay
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Kritika Mehta

I am in IT by profession. But my soul lies in writing and art. I want to share my thoughts from personal experiences or observations to bring certain things in people's notice that are generally neglected.

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