I Was ‘Married Off’ Against My Will, But I Didn’t Stop Chasing My Career Dream!

Sheer grit and determination kept me on the path to following my dream of building my business in the fashion industry, despite everything!

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Despite Debilitating Muscular Dystrophy, I Climbed A Hill…One Step At A Time!

I huffed, puffed and panted up the hill, taking many rest breaks along the way. My calf muscles pained, my heart protested, and my breathing became heavy at one stage.

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It Is High Time We Took The Onus Of Questioning These Stereotypes
It is high time we took the onus of questioning these stereotypes

What will it take for us to recognise these stereotypes for what they are, and change the dynamics towards a more evolved existence?

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No Girl In Our Family Has Ever Travelled Alone, How Will You Do It?!

This journey was also a chance to prove that she might be alone but not weak, she might be inexperienced and naive but not incapable of travelling alone.

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My First Solo Trip Was Liberating And Thrilling
The First Solo Trip: Liberating and Thrilling

As the trip day was approaching, my nervousness increased. The friend who has invited me was no longer performing in the band.

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The Stunning Miss Nepal Jane Dipika Garrett Inspired Me To Be Bold And Beautiful
Miss Nepal Jane Dipika Garrett

Miss Nepal Jane Dipika Garrett owned the Miss Universe platform, flaunting her curves, more like what most girls and women are; not the "thin" prescribed bodies!

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