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sexist relationships
What Use Was Anger To Her Now? She’d Always Known Only Men Could Afford To Get Angry!

She had known all her life that righteous anger is a male prerogative, not meant for women. As a girl, she was told to keep her eyes down and voice lowered. She was never given what she wanted, was always handed over what was conveniently available.

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“You Are Our Daughter-In-Law.; This Kind Of Behaviour Is Not Acceptable!”

A domestic fight with her husband was broadcasted live to the mother-in-law without her awareness. A fight in which she was losing it. Screaming. Abusing. A call was made to her parents as well.

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A 6 Point Guide For Indian Women On How To Be A Good Wife
how to be a good wife

Ever wished to attend a course on how to be a good wife? Don’t worry, here is a primer from the University Of Sanskaari (established circa 1761).

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As An Indian Wife, I’ve Had To Keep Quiet Despite Being Treated Badly
unequal partnership

For an average Indian woman, a marriage is an unequal partnership that means taking care of the husband, his family, sundry relatives, friends, and neighbours. But not so for the man!

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Dear Husband, The Woman In Me Can No Longer Be The Wife You Wish For

You always complained about my disheveled hair, but never noticed my tired eyes, tired because they were awake all night looking after our son.

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“I Love Housework,” Said No Woman Ever! Surely None Of Us Were ‘Born’ To Do It?

Our best case domestic scenario is when the men and kids 'help' the woman do housework. What we need is them 'owning' some of the work, freeing us from the mental work of keeping track.

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