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A Tale Of My 2 Mothers, Amma And Ma

Now years later, standing here at her doorstep, I can imagine how hurt she must have been by Amma's rude behaviour. Brushing aside these troublesome thoughts, I press the doorbell.

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The Horror Of Being A Woman In Afghanistan Today…

But for the accident of our birth in a democracy, any one of us could face the same horrors that Afghan women are facing today, as the patriarchy, the oppression and violence against women is the same.

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Irrespective Of The Pandemic, Life Goes On!

Pandemic has impacted every aspect of our lives and continues to do so. But what breaks us, can probably makes us stronger too!

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Even Now, It Gave Her Nightmares To Think Of What Could Have Happened To Her If…

Her family had left Bangladesh during the war. All their old acquaintances were lost. She had no clue what happened to them or where they were.

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The Day Papa Fell Ill, My Life Changed In A Manner I Had Never Dreamt Possible

All that my befuddled mind registered was the fact that I had forgotten to switch my phone back to 'Normal' mode. My poor mother had been calling me frantically for help while I was busy getting myself drunk.

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Our Unusual 1st Valentine’s Day; And We’re Celebrating Our 12th This Year!

"Well, you see it's so tough getting a seat reservation on a Valentine's day. And I absolutely hate to stand in line for a meal. That's why I planned on bringing you here," he boasted proudly.

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I Finally Enjoyed My Vacation, When I Realised Motherhood Is Not A Contest

As a mother, one often questions oneself and feels bound by perceived inadequacies. But the truth is, mothers can have guilt-free fun too.

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Women In Our Family Don’t Do This, Have Some Shame!

Do not speak until you are spoken to. Do not wade like a duck. Walk slowly and silently. Do not laugh like a banshee. Sit like this. Eat like that. The list was endless, yet I had mastered it all.

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MIL DIL relationship
Why Are So Many MIL DIL Relationships Always So Complicated?

MIL DIL relationships - maybe sometimes some relationships don't work out in spite of us giving it our best. Maybe it's not meant to be. But why?

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When I Experienced Freedom For The First Time After Marriage

As I accelerated (my scooty), a cool wind blew into my hair and face reminding me of the woman that I was and am today.

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I’ll Do Anything For Saving Pari, Because My Daughter Will Not Suffer My Fate

For the first time, Roshni saw the face of terror in broad daylight. She saw it in her daughter's tear filled eyes.

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I Am The Living Proof Of How No Two Breastfeeding Experiences Are Not The Same AT ALL!

Breastfeeding has become synonymous with being a 'good' mother. People criticise moms who choose formula. But what about women who are unable to breastfeed?

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All I Want Is My Little Girl Back… Will You Be Able To Forgive Your Selfish Papa?

Out of the corner of my eye, I stealthily glimpsed my father sitting on the sofa, observing me silently with...was that sadness which I detected in his eyes?

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When I Found Sisterhood In A Sex Worker Who Stood By Me When My Mother Hadn’t!

That day a woman despised and shunned by society, chose to fight for me which my own mother, a respectable woman from a good family, refused to do long back!

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Crumbling Prejudices To Embrace True Equality

When we begin to isolate people who are different, we only serve to stigmatise their differences more and make them feel worse. 

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Cooking, Cleaning, Caring: The Men In My Life Who Taught Me What Equality Is

Men who are quietly beginning to take on household shares without demanding praise for it, are the beginnings of equality at home. Be one of them!

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Each Time Life Knocks Me Down, I Fight Back, For I Am A Warrior!

I am lazy, short-tempered, ugly, moody, bitter, jealous, greedy, sincere, honest, and emotional. And a lot of other things too. But I am not them.

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A Matter Of Life And Death

At night when she would cry into her pillows, 21 year old Vishnu would bring  flowers and bangles to bring the smile back on her face. The sight of tears in his beautiful bride's eyes would break his heart.

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The Curious Case Of A Flexible ‘Family Culture’ That Appeared To Adapt To My MIL’s Wishes!

To wear a saree or western clothes? What should a sanskaari bahu do? A hilarious account of a mother in law's fluctuating opinions.

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My Life, My Decisions; I Am Bold And Beautiful

“Dad, I’ll be late! Don’t wait up for me.” Arunaji was chopping vegetables for dinner. She turned around. One look at Ria and her blood boiled. Ria was dressed in an off-shoulder red top which exposed her tiny waist and the little belly button ring. The black mini skirt looked more of a ‘micro-mini’ to […]

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But The Pain Was Still Fresh!

It was as if a dam had broken and everything came tumbling out. Her grief, the hollowness, the rift with her husband and the constant aching pain.

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mom of two kids
The Many Adventures Of A Beleaguered (Yet Happy) Mom Of Two Kids

This mom of two kids often feels stretched for time and the attention both kids demand of her. But she also feels the love behind it all!

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“I Will Stand By My Sister No Matter What!”

Don't you know her husband is a rich and influential man? Have you forgotten how he had helped me in my business? Do you know what he can do if you go against him and support his wife?

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The Mother, Son, And The Daughter-in-law: Who Was Right And Who Was Wrong?

There is often no right or wrong in a situation, like this one that Pihu, her husband Rahul, and Pihu's mother in law Shanti Devi find themselves in. How can they deal with it?

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I Will Haunt You In Your Dreams!

A spooky short story which is bound to give you the chills. Read on!

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The Lost Shoe: A Simple But Heart-Warming Story You’ll Love

Sometimes, we find kindness when we have least expected it. Here is one such beautiful story from an ordinary day in a mother's life.

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