The Many Adventures Of A Beleaguered (Yet Happy) Mom Of Two Kids

This mom of two kids often feels stretched for time and the attention both kids demand of her. But she also feels the love behind it all!

This mom of two kids often feels stretched for time and the attention both kids demand of her. But she also feels the love behind it all!

When I conceived for the first time, I was a novice young woman unaware of the challenges of parenting. It has been nothing short of a rollercoaster ride for me. Starting from breastfeeding to toilet training, I had to struggle with everything.

Hence when I conceived for the second time, I thought it would be a cake walk for me. After all now I knew everything about raising a kid, didn’t I?Oh how naive I was! The silly ME forgot that now I had to raise not one but as the mom of two kids, both together!

Until my son was born, all my time and attention was devoted entirely to my daughter. However, my daughter is a daddy’s girl through and through. She was and is still very attached to my husband, and I often felt that my absence would make little difference to her.

Competing for mom’s attention

It was only after my son’s birth that she started showing a peculiar attachment towards me. Maybe it was already there but since I was easily available back then, she took my presence for granted.

As a newborn, my son took up most of my time and I started noticing small changes in my daughter. She started making demands on me. She started seeking my help for the mundane tasks which she earlier used to manage quite independently. I understood that my little girl was missing me!

Though I was concerned about her, I soon saw that she was getting more mature. She would help me in arranging her brother’s stuff. Once I was putting my son to sleep and she slowly shut the door. Her sweet gesture brought tears to my eyes.

Sharing mom

However, now as my son is growing up into a mischievous toddler, he too has started vying for my attention. Most of the time as a mom of two kids, I find myself juggling between them, and at other times, acting as a referee.

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Too late, I realized that the adventure had only just begun!

It was just the other day that there was a national holiday and my daughter’s school was closed. Having both the kids at home is a nightmare for me. Hence, I planned the day in advance intent on keeping both of them busy.

After finishing the breakfast, I handed over my son to my MIL and ushered my daughter to study. Barely an hour had passed, when I heard my son pounding on the door and shouting “mumma” at the top of his lungs. Hearing her brother, my daughter lost all interest in her studies and wished to wrap up.

I conceded and opened the door. To my utter amazement my munchkin smiled widely at me and lifted up his arms in anticipation. I took him on my lap and he gave me a wet kiss on my cheek. He had been missing me and hugged me tightly. I cuddled him back and played with him for some time.

Sibling rivalry

Soon it was bath time and I went to the bathroom to switch on the geyser. I heard loud noises accompanied with a scream coming from my bedroom. I rushed back and found both of them fighting over a toy car.

Since my daughter is older I asked her to compromise. But since she was not in the mood, I gave her the debated car. To pacify my son, I gave him his favorite book. But the situation now took a complete 180 degree turn with both of them wanting the other’s possessions.

I took the only way left to me as a mom of two kids wanting to keep peace, and without wasting even a second, I took my daughter for her bath. Usually, my MIL helps my daughter with her bath. But this time she wanted her mother. The naughty toddler didn’t want to be left behind and he too jumped onto the bandwagon. He took hold of my hands and asked me to sit with him.

A tug of war

A tug of war ensued and I looked at both of them helplessly. They wanted their dear mumma only to themselves. I felt like cutting myself in two and giving away each piece to my kids. Luckily my MIL intervened and brought the situation under control. This is just one of the many events in my otherwise adventurous life.

To my dismay, I find my sweet little kids turning into adventure seeking monsters which almost always plays havoc with my blood pressure. Earlier I had one monster to tackle. But now they are a team! More so when one of them or both fall ill. Even if one of them is sick, it’s a herculean task to keep them apart. You can only imagine my plight when they both fall sick at the same time!

Tired, but content mom of two kids

Honestly, I get tired of balancing lest any one of them feel deprived. At times I want them to grow up fast. But somewhere deep in my heart, I know that I will miss these adventures some day.

When I find them sharing that secret smile or glance when they have again been to some mischief or when they play together and laugh together, I see the sibling bond getting so much stronger!

Parenting is a bittersweet journey. But after the second kid, it just becomes much more adventurous. Because it’s double everything! Double the anxiety, double the happiness, double the frustration and of course double the love!

You never know which new adventure is waiting for you at the corner. As of now they have become a part and parcel of my life. But you know what? I am absolutely loving it!

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