The Lost Shoe: A Simple But Heart-Warming Story You’ll Love

Sometimes, we find kindness when we have least expected it. Here is one such beautiful story from an ordinary day in a mother's life.

Sometimes, we find kindness when we have least expected it. Here is one such beautiful story from an ordinary day in a mother’s life.

Pooja looked at the exit of the bus. It was so crowded that she could see only people standing everywhere. She picked up her three-year-old daughter, Myra and struggled her way towards the door. Thankfully, she could safely get down at her stop

No more had she taken a step than little Myra screamed, “Mumma, my shoe!” Pooja looked down at her daughter’s feet and found one of the yellow shoes missing. “It must have slipped in the crowd my dear,” said she.

It was Myra’s favourite shoe. The playschool which she went to had no dress code. The children were free to wear whatever they chose and Myra wore her favourite yellow shoes to school everyday. Since her playschool was far away from home, Pooja had to use the public bus to pick up and drop off her daughter.

Myra started crying. No amount of cajolery or bribe seemed to  work. Pooja got irritated and silently cursed the bus conductor for taking too many passengers. If the bus hadn’t been crowded, her daughter wouldn’t have lost her shoe. She finally picked up her crying child and carried her home.

It was nearly a week since Myra had lost her shoe. Since Pooja boarded the bus from the terminus, it was pretty vacant and she went to her usual seat which was adjacent to that of the driver’s. As she bent to seat little Myra, she saw something lurking from under the seat. She bend down further and retrieved a yellow shoe. It was the same one which Myra had lost. Seeing her lost shoe, Myra shrieked with joy.

Pooja was surprised. She didn’t believe in coincidences. She looked around and caught the bus conductor’s eye. He was smiling widely at Myra. Pooja finally understood. She nodded gratefully at him and thanked him for his kindness. He had made Myra’s day.

We see so many negative news on TV and social media that we think the world is full of bad people and something bad is awaiting us. However, it is these ‘little acts of kindness’ which restore our faith in humanity.

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The bus conductor who was a total stranger to Pooja, made her child very happy that day.

It’s always advisable to be careful and alert. But that shouldn’t deter us from faith or kindness. We can always find humanity around us only if we look for it.

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