Augustine Chalissery

Augustine Chalissery is based in Mumbai, India. He is a Serial Entrepreneur. Core specialization is in the Supply Chain, Logistics and ICT industry. Augustine is a Motivational Speaker, Life Coach, Mentor and Guide. He guides and heals those whom he connects with through intuitive clairvoyance. He has deep understanding of the mechanizations inside our Inner World where both physical and non-physical (meta-physical) Forces/Dimensions are at play. Augustine has the rare distinction of amalgamating the fundamentals of Philosophy, Psychology, Physiology, Science, Religion and Spirituality in explaining the complex concepts of the Mind, Body, I (identity), Consciousness, Inner Self, Higher Self, Life Force, Soul, Spirit, Creator in ways that people of all age groups can comprehend and understand.

Voice of Augustine Chalissery

Men Have Controlled Women Far Too Long; Any Wonder Women Are Now Pushing Back?

Men have always tried to, and will continue to try and control their women - why, then, is it surprising that women will no longer take their nonsense?

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