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sexist relationships
An Indian Wife Is Expected To ‘Support’, But The Husband Gives Her ‘Permission’. Why?

Say it loud and clear, ladies, that what you need from your spouse is a partnership in making family decisions, and support in your personal decisions - not "permission". 

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You’ll Be Shocked By How ‘Normal’ Some Of These 30 Signs Of Intimate Partner Abuse Are
intimate partner abuse

Are there any of these signs of intimate partner abuse in your significant relationship? You have to read this list of signs - to understand why you don't feel completely comfortable with him.

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Because I Had Wasted 10 Years Just Waiting For ‘Someone’ To Travel With Me

Despite a flight attendant's job, I saved the best places to visit with my now ex husband, but realised that I was waiting for him in vain...

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Why I Think Society’s Definition Of The ‘Ideal Couple’ Can Be Dangerous For Women
ideal couple

When people are fine with a couple in which the woman is much younger, why do they have an issue when the man might be younger?

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Are Parents Only A Son’s (And By Extension, The DIL’s) Responsibility?

Despite what the law says, society still believes that parents are only a son's responsibility - and this buck passes to the daughters in law. When will we change this mindset?

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We Couldn’t Even Become Friends In The Last 7 Years, Forget About Being A Part Of Your Family!

A heartbreaking personal account of a bad marriage in the third person, this author asks if she was wrong in some way to stand up for herself. What will you tell her?

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