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Dear Mom, Your Own Happiness Matters Most, Not What Your Relatives Or Even Your Children Think!

Distraught at the birth of yet another girl child, her father abandoned them soon after Kankana was born. Her mother had worked two shifts and yet not let her children feel the absence of a father.

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What A Mother Really Wants, More Than The Mother’s Day Gifts And Wishes…!

Take the effort to really understand your mother, like they take the effort for you. Buy or do for mothers things that they crave or need, without them having to actually ask, sometimes, at least!

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Is Mother’s Day A Socially Sanctioned Day ‘Off’ Once A Year For A Thankless Job Well Done?

From picking up toys or handling doctors appointments or responding to emergency calls from school or managing birthday party invites or navigating exam schedules - it all falls on the mother.

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If Only My Mother Had Money And A Room Of Her Own… (Thank You, Virginia Woolf!)

What would my mother write if she had money and a room of her own she would have written about all of this, without worrying...

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As Caregiver For 2 Family Members With Mental Illness, Mother’s Day For Me Is About A Different Kind Of Love…

With all the stress haunting me each moment, with no hope in sight, and with my dreams all crushed to pieces, I gave up the thought of bringing another life into my world.

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An Ode To Those Inevitable, Imperfect Moments Of Motherhood…

Motherhood is hard. It regretfully does not come with a manual and no mother knows it all. No mother is perfect or can claim to have done everything right, every single time.

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