What Is The One Thing You Want To Tell Your Daughter?

On National Girl child day, we had asked our followers on Instagram, "What is the one thing you want to tell your daughter?"

On National Girl child day, we had asked our followers on Instagram, “What is the one thing you want to tell your daughter?”

We received an array of empowering responses from mothers, not only about what they would like to tell their daughters, but also about what things they wish to not tell them. Remember, mother knows best? It is because mothers have experienced the world and have the best interest in their hearts!

We received a wide range of emancipating and empathetic responses that were literally ‘smashing the stereotypes’ of today’s society. Since we could not choose them all, here are the best responses!

“What is the one thing you want to tell your daughter?”

Many of them said they would like to tell their daughter to be just themselves.

Vinishamarkan said she would tell her daughter to not let the world tell her what she should be.

Nilshree_mumma would like to remind her daughter to be herself, and the world will adjust accordingly.

Authordeeksha said she keeps telling her daughter every day, “Your marks, grades or physical appearance does not define you. You are a smart and intelligent girl with lots of compassion, always be empathetic and kind to everyone around you. The world needs it.”

What_monika_wore told us one thing she would not like to pass on to her daughter and that is ‘jo karna hai shaadi ke baad karna, dusre ke ghar jaake karna’ (do whatever you want to do after you get married). She further added that it’s better to live in the present and not to compromise on your wishes to make others happy, as it’s “not only YOUR job to adjust.”

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I believe this statement is heard by almost every daughter in a brown household, where it is ironically believed that a girl will be truly ‘independent’ only after her marriage.

Be_piali said she would remind her daughter that it’s her life and her choices, and she will be there with her.

Soul_sachets would like to affirm their daughter by reminding her that she is more than enough.

s_mycanvas affirmed to her daughter that she will always support her.

Shivanicontentcurator would tell her daughter to be her and not to worry about what others will think.

Mothers do know best!

Mothers and daughters have a bond that cannot be explained by words or described by mere actions. A major part of this relationship is not just love, but concern! Every piece of advice that comes to us from our mothers is backed by lived experiences!

What about you? What are the things you would like to tell your daughter? This Mother’s Day, let us know what you want your children to understand and what you want to do for yourself!

Image source: absolute_india, via Getty Images, free and edited on CanvaPro

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