Marriage Isn’t Enough To Define Queer Lives Yet Is An Essential Right We Must Have!

A whole range of basic legal rights are available only inside the institution of marriage in this country, hence the right to marriage should be available to everyone.

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Why Do Indian Women Find It So Hard To Talk About Their Sexual Needs With Husbands?

It is also important to understand how men perceive this, and why women asking for sex and orgasms rock the boat of patriarchy. In a typical marriage, sex is important as much as the man wants it.

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Think Caste Discrimination Is No Longer A Problem? My Personal Experience Tells Me Otherwise!
caste discrimination

Think that caste discrimination doesn't impact society anymore? This personal account shows how our privileges can make us blind to the injustice prevalent around us. 

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Do Men Really Want To Treat Women As Their Equals?

We need more men to realise that women too want the 'privilege' of autonomy hitherto accordion only to one gender.

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Not Weak, Not Helpless: Why Women Are The Stronger Sex

Women are not weak or helpless creatures who need to be coddled or condescended to. This posts looks at how women are actually the stronger sex in some ways.

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Sharing Is Caring: How Equality Begins At Home

Love and equality go hand-in-hand. Here is a delightful read on how sharing responsibilities at home sows the seeds of love, equality, and positive change.

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