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A bibliophile with a quest for writing, I'm a techie by day. An eternal optimist and a feminist, I believe that once we achieve equality, we can achieve anything in this world. I firmly believe that unless you change something, nothing will change. Also, things that are worth it, don't come easy. You need to fight for it. First believe, then fight.

Voice of Soumya Prasad

5 Ways In Which Women Aid Patriarchy And Need To Stop Doing It

Women everywhere are coming together to form a sisterhood in order to smash patriarchy. Yet, some continue to aid patriarchy; this needs to change.

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Let Them Call You Crazy, It Takes Guts To Dream…

Every strong woman with a mind of her own has been called crazy at some point in her life. This is an ode to all you crazy women!

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It’s OK To Be A ‘Nasty Woman’ Sometimes, Dear Woman! Don’t Apologize…

We expect women to be always ‘nice’ and smiling, and ‘good’ daughters, wives, mothers,… but what about her? She is human, and has just as much as a right as others to just be… herself! You don’t have to be always alright Sometimes, it is okay to not be nice For being honest about what […]

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I Did Not Get Support In My Life, So Why Should Another Woman?

As women, can we be more supportive of other women? Let's avoid the patriarchal mindset that ensures that the injustice done to us is repeated!

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Body Shaming Of Women – Does Size Really Matter? [Poem]

Body shaming of women is everywhere - too fat, too thin, too curvy, too flat! What does a woman's body really have to do with the woman she is?

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An Open Letter To A Modern Daughter-In-Law

Even though you are a modern daughter-in-law, your in-laws expect you to completely adapt to their family. Is that fair? Think.

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From Nooyi To Nadella: Do It All, Have It All

In recent times, we've seen baffling views from corporate bigwigs ranging from Nooyi to Nadella. Here is a response from a woman who manages her work, her home, and believes she can have it all.

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The Blame Game: Women Are Not Punching Bags!

The media loses no time in placing the blame of sports losses on players' wives and girlfriends. Why must a woman tolerate unfair blame? Here are some important questions.

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Not Weak, Not Helpless: Why Women Are The Stronger Sex

Women are not weak or helpless creatures who need to be coddled or condescended to. This posts looks at how women are actually the stronger sex in some ways.

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The 3 Words We In India Dread: It’s a Girl!

Until women live in a society where they are valued and respected, is it surprising they don't want to give birth to girls either?

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Dreams Or Depression: What Are Your Children Inheriting?

Parents pass on their dreams and expectations to their children, not realizing the toll it takes on them - stress, health issues, and even depression.

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Our Fixation With Fairness: Not-So-Lovely

An obsession with fair skin is a widespread disease in India. Is it taking our focus away from being good, confident people? questions Soumya.

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